Sunday, December 1, 2013

Kids Craft Christmas Decor

Say that one ten times fast!  Between Tim and I we were really starting fresh with Christmas decorations.  He came with a cute ceramic tree from his childhood and a stocking and I had some ornaments my mom gave me along with ones I inherited from my Dad.  Now that we are in our own house and living on a budget I was really missing my mom's endless boxes of Christmas decorations.

Bear and I were feeling crafty and in the holiday spirit and made up some great easy decorations that kids can help with too (ages 3+)!

We made a Pom Pom Garland and a Christmas Star for the window.

Pom Pom Garland

Pom Poms in various sizes and colors
Thread - we used a sparkly silver thread we had leftover

Thread your needle - I didn't cut my thread to size since I didn't want anything to get tangled.  Have you preschooler choose the pom poms and help you thread them on. We used ones sized .25 inch, .5 inch and 1inch and used neon colors since that's what we had lying around from other crafts.  We didn't worry about the spacing until it was hung up.  We used about 38 pom poms spaced 2" apart to go over our big window in our living room.

Make sure when you are threading them to poke the needle through the center of the pom poms or they will fall off.  They didn't slide around once we spaced them out so we didn't bother to tie any knots before/after each pom pom (too much work)

Christmas Stars

Popsicle sticks - 10 per star and large or small size is fine.
Tacky Glue - I find this works best with popsicle sticks/wood crafts
Modge Podge - any finish will work fine
Foam Brush
Tissue Paper - any color(s)
Thread - for hanging

Arrange your popsicle sticks like shown below and use the tacky glue to hold them together on the ends in the shape of a star.  Let dry (this is a good time to make a pom pom garland or have a Christmas dance party).

Once dry tie your thread around the top of the star - cut long enough for your star to hang where you'd like when it is finished.  Using the foam brush and modge podge, paint on a thin (ish) layer on the back of the sticks and start putting on some tissue paper.  We found it was easiest to make 4 x 4 torn pieces of tissue and to work from there.  You want the paper to go over the edges of the sticks.

Then turn your star over and modge podge the other side and fold the edges over.  Add more modge podge and tissue paper until satisfied.  We only had two colors so we made a green star and a smaller purple star (broke the sticks in half for the smaller star).  Let dry and hang!  I think these would also look really cool with different colored papers collaged on.

What crafts are you going to do this winter?