Friday, March 29, 2013

Finally - Wittlebee Box Review

I know I have been doing a lot of reviews lately, but we will get back to the norm very soon :)

Here it finally is - a Wittlebee review.  I was skeptical when starting this one, I had heard from friends and reviews online that their customer service was slow and the items were not nearly worth what they claimed, tags missing, etc.  But I also read reviews of people who LOVED the items and have been using this subscription problem free for several months.

This part is lengthy...I purchased a deal online, $10 for my first box and free shipping on the first 3 boxes if the order was placed by a certain date.  I place my order on February 4th and waited, their site said 7-10 days for first time orders and once per month thereafter.  I waited two weeks and contacted customer service as my box still said processing.  She assured me my box would be ready soon and that a shipment of 2T had come in late.  

Another week went by and I was billed $45.98 for March. I contacted the rep again pretty pissed off I was billed for a second month before my first box had arrived.  She issued me a credit and kept me on the list for both boxes.  Finally my showroom was available, they offer a showroom where you can choose three available items and they will pick three mystery items, I picked my items and then my box went between packing and processing for the next week. 

The showroom for my March box became available and I chose the items I wanted for that one (below).  My showroom then said I will be charged $10 for my additional item.  I didn't chose an additional item and I did not want my card charged so I talked to my dear friend in customer service and she said they are testing a new feature, my card will not be billed AND if the item arrived in my box it was mine.  At this point I was excited - a freebie!

Then the first box went to shipping only to arrive 6 days later in an envelope with only three items!! I am back at it with customer service BUT my March box came in perfect!  No freebie item but that's fine. 

With clothing the pricing is kind of hard.  I based the below prices on full price (non sale) retail pricing.  The Threadless tee's are made specifically for Wittlebee so I based these on their other toddler tees.

Irony Tee by Threadless - $13.00
(Set) White Army Tee & Army Camo Shorts by DogWood - $48.00
Long Sleeve Tee by RabbitMoon - $26.00
Monkey Swing Tee by Threadless - $13.00
Puff Ball Beanie by Appaman - $31.00

Over all retail: $131.00 ($45.95 Wittlebee)

I chose the Irony Tee, Puff Ball Beanie and Army Camo Shorts and they chose the other three items.

I am certainly not happy with the way my February box is turning out (considering that as of now I only have half) but the woman in customer service has been helpful, prompt and very polite.  I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt and blame this one on bad timing.  February was the first month they launched the showroom and it looks like they have a lot to work out.

The items in the box are worth well over what I paid and all of them suit Bear pretty well and seem to be true to size.

This box is NOT for you if you like to choose your child's clothing.  I read a review from a woman who was upset that they included an odd patterned shirt as she didn't consider that to be in the same category as geometric shapes and there was an animal on one of her shirts even though she said she didn't choose "animal" in the "About Your Child" survey.  You also only have two days to choose your items from the showroom or else they will choose all 6 items for you.

This is great if you want to get a few boxes here and there and especially if you love to dress your kid in clothing you don't see often around the daycare. If you want to try a month (very easy to pause or cancel) use my referral link for $10 OFF your first order: HERE  I options for boys are cute but it looks like there is a lot more offered for girls.

$10 Off Wittlebee


Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Little Book Club - Review

Yet another review - The Little Book Club very cute and I was very impressed! Unfortunately I cancelled this one because I can't afford two subscriptions and I am choosing to keep CitrusLane instead.

The Little Book Club is a monthly subscription service with books geared toward your child's development.  Each month they choose a theme and send 3 new books to fit that theme.  I purchased this deal for only $10 from PlumDistrict but the normal monthly price is $24.95

March's Theme: Stars & Space

Stars by Mary Lyn Ray - Hard Cover $16.99 Retail
I Want to Be an Astronaut by Byron Barton - Paperback $6.99 Retail
Papa, please get the moon for me by Eric Carle - Hard Cover $19.95

What I really appreciate about this is the detail.  We received high quality books, two of which I have never heard of but are new favorites and one Eric Carle book.  The envelope was personalized - I know printing on an envelope is no big deal but it's a nice touch for a company just starting out!

I recommend this if you would prefer to get monthly books for your little as opposed to toys.  We read these at least 3 times yesterday and Bear definitely enjoyed the space theme!

Unfortunately, no referral offers but get yours by going to


Monday, March 25, 2013

Dinosaur Invitations

I am so excited!  I got the invitations all designed and ready for print - this years theme?


I know I have like...2 months but I just couldn't wait (also my trial version of InDesign is running out).  Anyone making plans yet?

If ya need help contact me for custom design and printing :) 


Up. All. Night - Sleep Issues

Back to the sleeping issues.  The rewards tokens are working well for nap.  While we were away Nana came and stayed with Bear and did some sleep training for those two nights.  I swear this child is a completely different monster around me than Nana.  I tried her simple steps:

Our Bedtime Routine (in by 8 - asleep by 830)
HALF baba (sippy) while falling asleep
Go in at my bedtime - change him
He wakes up 1 hour later
Turn on humidifier

Now this is the point where nana rocked him back to sleep and that was the end of it.  Here is how it went for me...

Rock him to sleep
He asks for the "big bed"
I say "no"
He asks "why"
I say "because you're a big boy and daddy and mommy need some rest too"
He asks for "baba?"
I say "no"
He says "why"
I say "it makes too much peepee"
He asks to go "back in my bed", then he asks me to "rub my back to fall asleep"
I rub his back, his breathing gets heavy, he drifts off the sleep
I go back to bed, close my eyes and fall into a deep sleep
1 hour later I wake up to "mooooooommmmmyyyyyyyyy" sob "mooooommmmmmyyyyy" sob...
I get back up
His nose is stuffy
I prop him back on the pillow and add water to the humidifier
I rock him back to sleep
He falls asleep for a moment, whines for 3 moments, falls alseep
I contemplate sleeping on the floor
I go back to bed
25 minutes later I wake up to sobs, tears, yelling, whining all mushed into "mommy"
I lay there for 15 minutes
The noises get louder, the cat starts playing with the door
I get up
Change his diaper
Rock Bear back to sleep
Yell at the cat
Walk around the house for a minute looking for some magical thing to happen to make every fall back asleep
I get back in bed and glare at Tim
He's snoring and doesn't even flinch at the baby or the cat's noises
I fall back sleep
I wake up to more cries for mommy
I look at the time
It's 5am
I get Bear and plop him in the bed
We both fall back asleep
I wake up at 6
Bear is dead to the world
I shower, get dressed, make lunch, pack bags, start the car
Bear is dead to the world
I get him dressed
He waked up and wants to play...

Does any of this sound familiar? At least he stayed in his own bed but my whopping 2 hours of sleep has not been even close to enough.  Coffee, you are my friend!

I keep telling myself I have to stick with it.  It WILL get better.  I am not alone!


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Kid Craft - Craft Stick Planes

I have been trying to find craft sticks and clothes pins for over a month.  I tried the dollar store and the craft store wanted a rediculous amount of money for junk wood pieces so I put this project on the back burner...

Well the hubs and I went away this weekend (yes just the two of us) if you are in New England, I highly recommend a romantic weekend away at the Golden Apple Inn in Glen, NH (near North Conway).  We have never stayed in a suite before so this was a real treat.  Jacuzzi, king size bed and fireplace IN the room - bliss.

I digress, we went out to Walmart (yes we went to walmart on our mini vacation) and I found Craft Sticks and Clothes Pins SUPER cheap!  When we got home today I figured Bear and I would do some coloring and we decided to color on the craft sticks with crayons which was fun but then he noticed the clothes pins on the table and wanted to play with those too.  I gave him a few only to turn around and find he's made airplanes all on his own!!  I didn't even mention it to him yet (genius) and I like his version better.  Way more two year old friendly and NO glue-mess.

You will need:
No skill for this one, just let your two year old do the work!
Small Craft Sticks (walmart)
Clothes Pins (walmart)
Two year old

We started by coloring on the craft sticks and then the clothes pins.  You have unlimited options but we made both airplanes and dragonflies.  

For dragon flies take two craft sticks, cris-cross and pinch with the pin.  Draw eyes on the pin.

For airplanes just pinch one craft stick in the middle with the pin.

Now flyyyyyy!!! After we were done we pinched the pins around the edge of a jar and put the sticks inside - easiest clean-up EVER!  For a dragonfly add-on we put nerf darts on the ends of our dragonsflies wings and tail.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Citrus Lane - March Box Review

As I have previously stated - I am way more than happy with Citrus Lane!  I had to cancel for one month and it was very easy to turn off and then right back on.  Our boxes always arrive 3 days after they ship and the products are well worth it!  The monthly box is $25.00.

"I like to think of our monthly boxes as care packages to help moms and dads on their parenting journeys. Every product we include has been recommended and reviewed by our advisory board and our community. No marketing gimmicks, no paid placements -- just real recommendations from real parents for products that solve real problems."

I have been using these boxes as gifts for special occasions.  Pieces of the first three boxes were used as Christmas gifts and the below box is for Easter!

March Box:

Slumber Friends Plush Pillow (Cloud B) - This guy is cute - Bear will LOVE it.  It is a plush lamby pillow with a removable lavender pack inside for a good nights/naps rest.  It also has a strap that makes it more into a stuffed animal shape as opposed to a pillow.  ($21.95 retail)

On the Road Pouch Puzzle (Mudpuppy) - Nice sturdy puzzle with large pieces good for an easily-frustrated two year old! Comes in a nice zipper pouch so the pieces stay together. ($9.99 retail)

Jungle Tattoos 12 Pack (Wee Gallery) - Who doesn't love tattoos?? ($5.00 retail)

Banana Apple Pouch (Peter Rabbit Organics) - This is my least favorite thing - they throw them in there every few months.  Bear doesn't eat them so I give them away to a youngster who will enjoy :) ($1.50 retail)

$20 OFF (JustFab) - They always include a gift for mom which I am all for.  Sometimes it's a lotion or candy.  I am not thrilled with the ones like this where you have to spend money to redeem it but some of the shoes on the site are worth it so this one is a better one :)

Try it out for only $15.00 for the first month (cancel online anytime) with my link: HERE

This is a great box for parents who want to spend a little at a time as opposed to a lot at once.  On the ones I let Bear have right away, his face was priceless!  It's great to try out new, organic and made in the US toys since, although I love these toys, they are often out of my price range and items I would not normally purchase on my own.  I am really big on surprises too.  I also recommend this as a gift :)


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Birchbox Review!

So I was skeptical about Birchbox.  My sister has been getting it for a while and it really seemed to be hit or miss.  I signed up for $10 (regular price/month) and mostly did it so my sister could get the 50 referral points.  After a 3 week waiting period - my box shipped!  Like most females I not only love mail, but mail with make-up is so pleasing!

I was pleasantly surprised!  They have you fill out a quick questionnaire before you receive your box and all the products were well fit for me and I would say worth the $10.  This is my box...

Benefit Stay Don’t Stray Primer Sample – love this! It was the right color for my skin tones and worked well with my concealer/foundation.  Only downside is while it’s wet – kinda smells like maple syrup, goes away quickly though.

Twistband Headband – Mine is silver which goes with just about anything.  I used it to hold my bangs back for washing my face – brilliant!

Wish Shave Cream Sample – I haven’t used this - mostly because who has time to shave when there is a 2 year old pounding on the bathroom door throughout your five minute shower?  But the smell of it isn’t offensive and it looks like it would work well – will try soon J

Madwell Emery Board – YAY! I buy the crappy flimsy 50 packs at the dollar store and always loose them.  Now I have a nice feminine looking one to keep in my purse.

Evology Blemish Control Sample – I am most happy about this little guy.  Not gonna lie it reminded me of the scene in Mean Girls when she replaces Regina’s face cream with foot cream only to find that her face now smells minty fresh.  This cream smells minty fresh.  It works nicely, doesn’t make my skin too dry or too oily and it felt like it was working without feeling like I dumped battery acid on my face.  I am considering buying the full size product but want to try it out for a little longer first.  I am not one to drop $35 on makeup.

Overall this box is great!  It’s a nice monthly treat especially for a mom.  I know 7/7 mornings I feel like crap and don’t want to get dressed let alone try and be pretty.  I didn’t wear any make-up at all until the last 2 years.  Mostly because my skin was all pretty and glowing and now it’s dark and tired.  The majority of my makeup purchases were rushed and I bought what was on sale.  Nice to try new things without having to spend $50 per product!

Use my referral to sign up and let the beauty begin!


Monday, March 18, 2013

Monster Sillybets - FREE SHIPPING

Easter baskets are always the cutest little things - especially for toddlers when the toys are all colorful to begin with.  How about topping off your little's basket with a Monster Sillybet in the color of your choice!

Choose from Green, Red, Pink, Orange, Blue or Ivory/Brown.  26 cute, fuzzy, plush Monsters in the shae of your most favorite letter! These alphabet learning pals are perfect for making the alphabet less scary to learn.

Use code: EASTER13 at checkout for FREE Flat Rate Shipping withing the United States!
Offer valid until 12AM EST 3/31/13


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Kids Clothes - What to Get & Where

I have been pretty lucky up until recently when it came to kids clothes.  The majority of them were hand-me-downs from friends of friends or birthday/christmas gifts from family.  As kids get older, clothes get more expensive (I'm sure you've noticed).  I have been doing a test since come summer we are fresh out of clothes.  I am making some, buying some and have received a few as gifts.

Here is what your money looks like in clothing sizes 2-3T

$47 at the - I purchased these online at a site-wide sale with an additional 25% off coupon and 2.5% cash back on ebates

3 Plain Pocket T's - 3T
2 Pair Shorts - 2T
Captain America T & Cars T - 3T

Avg per piece $6.71

$27 at - I purchased a groupon deal $20 for $40 worth of apparel. Then $7 for shipping.

3 Shirts  - Small

Avg. per piece $9.00

$26 at Walmart & Target - I lumped these in the same category because I shop at Target and some was a gift purchased at Walmart.  Both have very similar pricing between Circo and Geranimals.

1 Button Up - 3T
1 Hooded Long Sleeve - 3T
2 Pair Long Pants - 3T
1 Pair Jeans - 3T

Avg. per piece $5.20

I have not purchased anything through Zulily because we have no $$ right now but their deals are spectacular and if you are in need of clothing or gifts I'd check it out.

I am waiting for a package from Wittlebee and will do a clothing review from that box as well.  As of now I have mixed feelings but I did get a side deal from them.

$5.99 at Wittlebee - exclusive member deal.  Sign up HERE for $10 off your first order.

1 Threadless Brand T - 3T

In a nut shell - search for deals before buying.  Try google for coupon codes for online orders and look at a stores website for in-store offers/coupons.  I hate filling up my email with junk but I sign up for every store we go to's newsletter so I know where the best deals are.

What good deals have you gotten?


Friday, March 15, 2013

Boys & Their Cars

Bear had the pleasure of joining me at work today!  Luckily Fridays are fairly slow but we made the best of what we had and wanted to share with you!

We all know that little boys (and girls) love cars around age 2-4.  Whats not to love?  Toy cars come in every shape, color and size and can be purchased SUPER cheap (check out Dollar Tree or BJ's has a tube of 70 HotWheels for a mere $19).  What's even better about toy cars is that they trigger imagination!

Check out this "super fast zoomer tunnel"  AKA old cardboard roll of sorts taped to a tissue box...

It was fun to see what cars fit in the tunnel and which did not and why.  For example he has a semi truck that fit but was too long to come out the bottom and the jeep was too big to fit inside at all.  The matchbox car went a lot faster and farther than the plastic tonka trucks.  See - we learn while we play!

Then we made this magnificent garage out of a case of tissue boxes and also another tunnel out of Bear...

Some other great ideas not pictured:

Post-it note race track - line up all the post-its on the floor like a chain and race down the center.  Make it curvy, straight, loopy etc.  Best part is you can break it and move it around.

Masking tape parking center/town - as pictured in my blog post: Washi Tape?

Tape Tunnel - we had a leftover box - decent size - it was a case of Girl Scout cookies (yes i ordered a case) and I folded in all 4 flaps and cut a U shape into the center of one of the sides and another parallel.  I taped the inside of the U's to make a tape tunnel so cars would not get stuck inside when it was flipped over.  Bed 2 minute project!  I decided to take a picture of that as it sounds confusing...

We will have to try this paper towel tube car track as pictured here this website is clearly not the original and is in Chinese (sorry) but the picture is explanatory.

Do you have any easy match-box car activities?


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Reward Tokens

I try to keep telling myself this is all about baby steps.  Tackle one small thing at a time and work up to the one big issue.  I have started with nap, then plan to work up to bedtime, then finally the night time sippy cup!

Bear is not a big rewards kid. Bribing? Useless. Taking away his most prized possessions? Useless.

I bought over sized glass pebbles at the dollar store - I can't even remember why and some "way to go" teacher stickers.  I read over at about a rewards jar with marbles, every time the child does something helpful, completes a chore, follows directions, etc...they can add a pebble to the jar.  Once the jar is full they get to pick a fun activity.

Since Bear is only two I chose one thing to focus on - sleep.  Also, marbles are boring and expensive so I decided to go with the glass pebbles with round stickers stuck on the bottom.  We are keeping them in a salsa jar marked with two lines.  One half way, the he feels like he is making progress, at which point we will go to the playground for our fun activity.  Then there is a line at the top, the grand prize, if you will.  When he reaches that we are going on a train ride to Boston.  The poor kid has been talking about this "train ride to trot trot Boston" ever since he learned of the train over a year ago!

The how to:
Hit up the dollar tree - over sized glass pebbled (white), Mr Potato Head teacher stickers (or round stickers that come large and small, glass jar & a sharpie - Total price $2.10 (tax)

Take a larger round sticker and a small one place them sticky side together.  This way you will see a sticker through the top bubbled out side and on the bottom of each.  Now stick the sticky part to the flat side of the pebbles - DONE! Now do it 30 times.

Determine how many you want to be the "half way" mark and toss them in the jar and draw a line with sharpie all the way around.  Now fill to where you want your top line to be.  We chose 12 to be half way and 24 to be the top.  I decorated each line with some small sticker for curb appeal.

He has 6 tokens in there from napping in his own bed.  He is proud but not excited enough to sleep in  his own bed at night for extra tokens yet.  I will keep updating on this since I am determined to stick with it!


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Daily Deal

A new daily deal over a Zulily everything Curious George and low prices too!!

How cute is THAT?! And this...

Ahh! Bear would love this for Easter or Birthday or whatever :)  Check it out here: Zulily


Monday, March 11, 2013


About a week ago I posted a Weekend Deal for a Dr Seuss book membership package.  We received it today and I am quite pleased! We got 5 hard cover books, a book on CD and a backpack - I do admit the backpack is cheap but - it was free.

I got this deal for $10.49 including shipping from EarlyMoments  After I purchased the deal my mom warned me that these things are traps and they cycle it so they send you books that you now owe immediately after you cancel.  I got the package today, cancelled online (very easily I might add) and now it's done.  I highly recommend this and if you can afford to keep it going then more power to ya!

Check it out (ignore my dirty kitchen flood please)...

I plan to put this loot in the Easter basket along with this month's CitrusLane package :)


Friday, March 8, 2013

Tips from Parenting i found Useful

I came across these the other day and found them really helpful! You can find the compete article here: 8 Discipline Mistakes Parents Make here is the countdown:


#1: Tell a Big Ole Lie
#2: Back Down
#3: Dis Dad (or Vice Versa)
#4: Bribe a Little Too Often
#5: Break Your Own Rules
#6: Lose It
#7: Wait Too Long
#8: Talk On... and On... and On

Tim and I are definitely guilty of #2 backing down is so easy after ours of "no, no, no".  The other night Bear refused to go to bed.  His bedtime is 8pm and it was our own fault, two days before we let him stay up until almost 9:30 because we had company and his schedule was way out of wack.  I had put Bear in our bed and we had an understanding that if he got out of bed he was going to his bed for the rest of the night.  Of course, he got out of bed...several mean mommy put him into his bed and closed the door.  I went to the bathroom only to come out and find that Daddy had put him BACK in our bed at the persuasion of a two year old.

I never reall realized I was guilty of #8 until after reading this article.  That same night as above I was laying in bed and kept telling Bear to stop fidgeting - he kept fidgeting.  Kicking, squirming, hitting and just being restless.  After saying "stop fidgeting" about thirty times he looked me right in the eyes and said "whats fidgeting?".  I felt stupid in that moment.  I spent a half hour getting nowhere.

I am certain I have been guity of all of these at some point but it helps to read it and have that "Ohhhhhh!" moment.


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Deal of the Day: Brickyard Buffalo

I love this site! Discovered it last week but it is like the groupon of all cute things awesome!

Today they have this deal which, obviously, is adorable!

To get this building block set for only $24.49 check out BrickyardBuffalo

I love these blocks, we unfortunately do not have a set but I have a bin of 1 inch birch stubs from Bear's 1st Birthday that my dad made and we love playing with them.  We pretend they are money, build towers, count them, hide them, etc..


PS - the stuff I post on here as "Deals" are because I like them. Nobody is asking me to...just so you know, I am legit :)

Monday, March 4, 2013

A Little Boy Bag

So I, unfortunately, did not document this bag with pictures.  I made it on a whim but it can be easily made with some canvas scraps/fabric scraps and a general idea of how a bag is put together.

There are 5 Pieces to this bag.  I used leftover from the Two Hour Teepee which is just a canvas drop cloth from Home Depot.  My sizes in the illustration are approximate so feel free to make it as large or small as you would like. 

If you change the size, here are some basics:

The strap (A) will need to be 2 inches longer on each end than you actually want it to hang off your little one. The bottom and sides (D) must be 1 inch longer than the two sides and bottom of the front of the bag (B)
The bag flap and bag back (C) should be one piece for convenience. You can make the flap as long or chort as you'd like.
The pocket (E) is an add on. You don't need it for a functional bag.

Instructions: These are pretty basic.  I used plain white multipurpose thread and a straight stitch.

Step 1: Fold strap A in half lengthwise and sew along the length with a 1/2 inch hem.  Turn inside out (seam inside) and lay flat with the seam now going down the center.  Iron flat.

Step 2: This seems tricky, but once you do it once - easy!  Take the bottom and sides strip D and pin it around B starting at the top left corner and working down around to the top right corner.  Sew a 1/4-1/2 inch hemp all the way around the three sides you pinned.

Step 3: Fold all 4 sides of your pocket E inward to make clean edges and sew the top edge.  Then pin your pocket to the OUTSIDE of B (the side that will show from the front of the bag) with the OUTSIDE of the pocket showing, sew around three sides (left, bottom, right).

Step 4: Now pin the bottom half of C to D (the same as you did in step 2, make sure the inside (hem exposed) edges are on the outside and your insides are facing each other.  Sew around your hem.

Turn your bag right side out, it should now resemble a bag.  If you are using fabric that does not fray, you do not have to do this step and you can skip to step 6.  If not, keep reading..

Step 5: Pin ALL your edges (around the opening of the bag as well as the 3 sides of the flap) about 1/4-1/2 inch inward.  Sew in one continuous loop all the way around that hem to make it look clean and avoid a fray.  The corners can be tedious but you should be a pro after the corners of step 2.

Step 6: Sew one end of your strap to the top left inside of the bag and the other end to the top right inside. DONE!

I will make another and give a picture tutorial (I am a visual learner so I understand when written directions suck)

Now - you can decorate it! What I love about the canvas is now Bear can paint it any colors he wants or glue stuff to it.  I plan to stamp this one with heat-set ink (tutorial to come).


Easy Dinner

Last night I dreaded going home to make dinner - it was a long day and the sky was throwing up slush so the drive wasn't even easy. I has planned to make this for dinner and bought most of what I needed but ended up not using the directions and doing it my own way...absolutely DELICIOUS and EASY!

The original recipe asked for a dutch oven or cast iron skillet.  Which we have but we also have a glass cook-top which is a nono so I used a large skillet then put everything into the cast iron when it came time for oven. I also pre-cooked 1 large chicken breast and let it cool while I chopped up the veggies.

You will need:
1/2 Large Onion - chopped fairly small
2 tbs Butter
1/3 Cup Flour
1/2 Bag Frozen Peas/Carrots mix
1 1/2 Cups Chicken Broth
1 Cup Milk
Cooked Shred/Cubed Chicken
Bisquick/Milk - Follow bisquick directions

Preheat oven to 450. In a large skillet OR cast iron skillet melt butter over medium high heat.  Add chopped onions and cook until soft (3-5 minutes) whisk in flour, once combined with butter and onions, whisk in broth and milk.  This process is really fast, so have everything available.  Add chicken, peas, carrots and spices - continue to stir until it begins to thicken.  Remove from heat and place in oven (or in cast iron skillet THEN the oven).  

In a mixing bowl follow directions on the bisquick for dinner rolls.  I did not roll out the dough and cut it, I just divided it into 6 or 7 even balls and flattened them by hand.  Open the oven and place rolls evenly on top.  Keep in the oven until rolls are light brown on top and cooked through - 10ish minutes.  

Remove from oven and serve! Caution - its HOT!

I love this dish because it looks complicated, tastes like it's been cooking all day but takes about 30 minutes total.


Friday, March 1, 2013

Weekend Deal

Just wanted to share a good find. I just got an email with this offer from

You also get a free backpack and 5 books for $5.95 - Just make sure you cancel after the first shipment if you don't want to be charged anymore.  They make it easy to do so it's no biggy :)

Find the deal HERE