Saturday, March 16, 2013

Kids Clothes - What to Get & Where

I have been pretty lucky up until recently when it came to kids clothes.  The majority of them were hand-me-downs from friends of friends or birthday/christmas gifts from family.  As kids get older, clothes get more expensive (I'm sure you've noticed).  I have been doing a test since come summer we are fresh out of clothes.  I am making some, buying some and have received a few as gifts.

Here is what your money looks like in clothing sizes 2-3T

$47 at the - I purchased these online at a site-wide sale with an additional 25% off coupon and 2.5% cash back on ebates

3 Plain Pocket T's - 3T
2 Pair Shorts - 2T
Captain America T & Cars T - 3T

Avg per piece $6.71

$27 at - I purchased a groupon deal $20 for $40 worth of apparel. Then $7 for shipping.

3 Shirts  - Small

Avg. per piece $9.00

$26 at Walmart & Target - I lumped these in the same category because I shop at Target and some was a gift purchased at Walmart.  Both have very similar pricing between Circo and Geranimals.

1 Button Up - 3T
1 Hooded Long Sleeve - 3T
2 Pair Long Pants - 3T
1 Pair Jeans - 3T

Avg. per piece $5.20

I have not purchased anything through Zulily because we have no $$ right now but their deals are spectacular and if you are in need of clothing or gifts I'd check it out.

I am waiting for a package from Wittlebee and will do a clothing review from that box as well.  As of now I have mixed feelings but I did get a side deal from them.

$5.99 at Wittlebee - exclusive member deal.  Sign up HERE for $10 off your first order.

1 Threadless Brand T - 3T

In a nut shell - search for deals before buying.  Try google for coupon codes for online orders and look at a stores website for in-store offers/coupons.  I hate filling up my email with junk but I sign up for every store we go to's newsletter so I know where the best deals are.

What good deals have you gotten?



  1. I love the moon and stars shirt! I can't bring myself to buy my daughter new clothes. I hit the thrift store racks and find great items for $1.50 to $3 a piece. I bought her a winter jacket for next year for $4 at a local thrift store. So cute. And just the other day I came home to a box full of cute shirts, skirts and dresses in 4t-5t from my step-mom. And the cutest rain jacket. She spent $26 on the entire box! Loved it.

    1. That's awesome!! The thrift stores around me have been so picked-through lately there is almost nothing for toddler boys. TONS of stuff for little girls though

  2. I went to my local store yesterday after learning the gender of my best friend's baby. And NOTHING for boys. It must be a girl thing.

    1. Maybe boys beat up their clothes too much :D