Friday, March 8, 2013

Tips from Parenting i found Useful

I came across these the other day and found them really helpful! You can find the compete article here: 8 Discipline Mistakes Parents Make here is the countdown:


#1: Tell a Big Ole Lie
#2: Back Down
#3: Dis Dad (or Vice Versa)
#4: Bribe a Little Too Often
#5: Break Your Own Rules
#6: Lose It
#7: Wait Too Long
#8: Talk On... and On... and On

Tim and I are definitely guilty of #2 backing down is so easy after ours of "no, no, no".  The other night Bear refused to go to bed.  His bedtime is 8pm and it was our own fault, two days before we let him stay up until almost 9:30 because we had company and his schedule was way out of wack.  I had put Bear in our bed and we had an understanding that if he got out of bed he was going to his bed for the rest of the night.  Of course, he got out of bed...several mean mommy put him into his bed and closed the door.  I went to the bathroom only to come out and find that Daddy had put him BACK in our bed at the persuasion of a two year old.

I never reall realized I was guilty of #8 until after reading this article.  That same night as above I was laying in bed and kept telling Bear to stop fidgeting - he kept fidgeting.  Kicking, squirming, hitting and just being restless.  After saying "stop fidgeting" about thirty times he looked me right in the eyes and said "whats fidgeting?".  I felt stupid in that moment.  I spent a half hour getting nowhere.

I am certain I have been guity of all of these at some point but it helps to read it and have that "Ohhhhhh!" moment.



  1. Guilty of bribing. Half the time, it doesn't work.

    1. Bribing NEVER works with my son, but I give in and try now and again. I try and disguise it as "reasoning" but lets face it - there is no such thing as reasoning with a 2 yr old!!