Friday, March 29, 2013

Finally - Wittlebee Box Review

I know I have been doing a lot of reviews lately, but we will get back to the norm very soon :)

Here it finally is - a Wittlebee review.  I was skeptical when starting this one, I had heard from friends and reviews online that their customer service was slow and the items were not nearly worth what they claimed, tags missing, etc.  But I also read reviews of people who LOVED the items and have been using this subscription problem free for several months.

This part is lengthy...I purchased a deal online, $10 for my first box and free shipping on the first 3 boxes if the order was placed by a certain date.  I place my order on February 4th and waited, their site said 7-10 days for first time orders and once per month thereafter.  I waited two weeks and contacted customer service as my box still said processing.  She assured me my box would be ready soon and that a shipment of 2T had come in late.  

Another week went by and I was billed $45.98 for March. I contacted the rep again pretty pissed off I was billed for a second month before my first box had arrived.  She issued me a credit and kept me on the list for both boxes.  Finally my showroom was available, they offer a showroom where you can choose three available items and they will pick three mystery items, I picked my items and then my box went between packing and processing for the next week. 

The showroom for my March box became available and I chose the items I wanted for that one (below).  My showroom then said I will be charged $10 for my additional item.  I didn't chose an additional item and I did not want my card charged so I talked to my dear friend in customer service and she said they are testing a new feature, my card will not be billed AND if the item arrived in my box it was mine.  At this point I was excited - a freebie!

Then the first box went to shipping only to arrive 6 days later in an envelope with only three items!! I am back at it with customer service BUT my March box came in perfect!  No freebie item but that's fine. 

With clothing the pricing is kind of hard.  I based the below prices on full price (non sale) retail pricing.  The Threadless tee's are made specifically for Wittlebee so I based these on their other toddler tees.

Irony Tee by Threadless - $13.00
(Set) White Army Tee & Army Camo Shorts by DogWood - $48.00
Long Sleeve Tee by RabbitMoon - $26.00
Monkey Swing Tee by Threadless - $13.00
Puff Ball Beanie by Appaman - $31.00

Over all retail: $131.00 ($45.95 Wittlebee)

I chose the Irony Tee, Puff Ball Beanie and Army Camo Shorts and they chose the other three items.

I am certainly not happy with the way my February box is turning out (considering that as of now I only have half) but the woman in customer service has been helpful, prompt and very polite.  I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt and blame this one on bad timing.  February was the first month they launched the showroom and it looks like they have a lot to work out.

The items in the box are worth well over what I paid and all of them suit Bear pretty well and seem to be true to size.

This box is NOT for you if you like to choose your child's clothing.  I read a review from a woman who was upset that they included an odd patterned shirt as she didn't consider that to be in the same category as geometric shapes and there was an animal on one of her shirts even though she said she didn't choose "animal" in the "About Your Child" survey.  You also only have two days to choose your items from the showroom or else they will choose all 6 items for you.

This is great if you want to get a few boxes here and there and especially if you love to dress your kid in clothing you don't see often around the daycare. If you want to try a month (very easy to pause or cancel) use my referral link for $10 OFF your first order: HERE  I options for boys are cute but it looks like there is a lot more offered for girls.

$10 Off Wittlebee


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