Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Birchbox Review!

So I was skeptical about Birchbox.  My sister has been getting it for a while and it really seemed to be hit or miss.  I signed up for $10 (regular price/month) and mostly did it so my sister could get the 50 referral points.  After a 3 week waiting period - my box shipped!  Like most females I not only love mail, but mail with make-up is so pleasing!

I was pleasantly surprised!  They have you fill out a quick questionnaire before you receive your box and all the products were well fit for me and I would say worth the $10.  This is my box...

Benefit Stay Don’t Stray Primer Sample – love this! It was the right color for my skin tones and worked well with my concealer/foundation.  Only downside is while it’s wet – kinda smells like maple syrup, goes away quickly though.

Twistband Headband – Mine is silver which goes with just about anything.  I used it to hold my bangs back for washing my face – brilliant!

Wish Shave Cream Sample – I haven’t used this - mostly because who has time to shave when there is a 2 year old pounding on the bathroom door throughout your five minute shower?  But the smell of it isn’t offensive and it looks like it would work well – will try soon J

Madwell Emery Board – YAY! I buy the crappy flimsy 50 packs at the dollar store and always loose them.  Now I have a nice feminine looking one to keep in my purse.

Evology Blemish Control Sample – I am most happy about this little guy.  Not gonna lie it reminded me of the scene in Mean Girls when she replaces Regina’s face cream with foot cream only to find that her face now smells minty fresh.  This cream smells minty fresh.  It works nicely, doesn’t make my skin too dry or too oily and it felt like it was working without feeling like I dumped battery acid on my face.  I am considering buying the full size product but want to try it out for a little longer first.  I am not one to drop $35 on makeup.

Overall this box is great!  It’s a nice monthly treat especially for a mom.  I know 7/7 mornings I feel like crap and don’t want to get dressed let alone try and be pretty.  I didn’t wear any make-up at all until the last 2 years.  Mostly because my skin was all pretty and glowing and now it’s dark and tired.  The majority of my makeup purchases were rushed and I bought what was on sale.  Nice to try new things without having to spend $50 per product!

Use my referral to sign up and let the beauty begin!


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