Monday, March 25, 2013

Up. All. Night - Sleep Issues

Back to the sleeping issues.  The rewards tokens are working well for nap.  While we were away Nana came and stayed with Bear and did some sleep training for those two nights.  I swear this child is a completely different monster around me than Nana.  I tried her simple steps:

Our Bedtime Routine (in by 8 - asleep by 830)
HALF baba (sippy) while falling asleep
Go in at my bedtime - change him
He wakes up 1 hour later
Turn on humidifier

Now this is the point where nana rocked him back to sleep and that was the end of it.  Here is how it went for me...

Rock him to sleep
He asks for the "big bed"
I say "no"
He asks "why"
I say "because you're a big boy and daddy and mommy need some rest too"
He asks for "baba?"
I say "no"
He says "why"
I say "it makes too much peepee"
He asks to go "back in my bed", then he asks me to "rub my back to fall asleep"
I rub his back, his breathing gets heavy, he drifts off the sleep
I go back to bed, close my eyes and fall into a deep sleep
1 hour later I wake up to "mooooooommmmmyyyyyyyyy" sob "mooooommmmmmyyyyy" sob...
I get back up
His nose is stuffy
I prop him back on the pillow and add water to the humidifier
I rock him back to sleep
He falls asleep for a moment, whines for 3 moments, falls alseep
I contemplate sleeping on the floor
I go back to bed
25 minutes later I wake up to sobs, tears, yelling, whining all mushed into "mommy"
I lay there for 15 minutes
The noises get louder, the cat starts playing with the door
I get up
Change his diaper
Rock Bear back to sleep
Yell at the cat
Walk around the house for a minute looking for some magical thing to happen to make every fall back asleep
I get back in bed and glare at Tim
He's snoring and doesn't even flinch at the baby or the cat's noises
I fall back sleep
I wake up to more cries for mommy
I look at the time
It's 5am
I get Bear and plop him in the bed
We both fall back asleep
I wake up at 6
Bear is dead to the world
I shower, get dressed, make lunch, pack bags, start the car
Bear is dead to the world
I get him dressed
He waked up and wants to play...

Does any of this sound familiar? At least he stayed in his own bed but my whopping 2 hours of sleep has not been even close to enough.  Coffee, you are my friend!

I keep telling myself I have to stick with it.  It WILL get better.  I am not alone!


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