Friday, November 19, 2010

Crusty Baby

I was totally grossed out by the thick flaky ew on top of my son's head. I know there are way more disgusting things ahead but this is worse than thin flaky dandruff-Cradle Cap. There is nothing wrong with cradle cap other than it's unattractive and looks dirty (kinda like your baby's head is covered in bumpy yellow wax) So it's a common thing and I researched a few ways to make it go away. The trusted google says to rub petroleum jelly or mineral oil on it-I disagree.
I used baby oil (I guess kinda like mineral oil, but smells like babies) I put a generous amount of baby oil on my hands and massaged it into Bear's hair (use your nails-the stuff is thick) I pulled his onesie up over his head and twisted it (like a 'nun' hat...I did that when I was little) then I put a changing pad or towel underneath him in his crib and let him sleep for his nap (about 30 mins) then I stuck him in the tub, washed his hair thoroughly twice and dried him off.
Just a warning your baby's hair will be greasy until after the next bath time when it will be super-soft! If the 'nun hat' irritates your little one try an infant hat that is washable instead. 15-30 minutes should be fine for letting it sit in his hair and you should do this once a week or until it stops coming back.


Monday, November 15, 2010

Dinner for Two.

So I think a romantic evening for you and your significant other is in order and (most likely) long over due. I've asked my favorite blogging cook, Kelsey Jeanne, to do a week of "dinner for two" She is so great and even included a shopping list in the start (for all the weekly shoppers) so that you'll have everything you'll need.
So after feeding the little one and putting him to bed cook something nice for your honey.
Here's her intro to the day 1:

"For the Sandwiches, we're going to do a Foreman grill panini, with ham, Swiss, sprouts and spicy brown mustard. then a vegetable minestrone soup (tomato basil works really well too) and a mixed greens salad with celery, carrots, tomato and cucumber.
( I am going to put a shopping list in each post, and then the cooking directions, so that if your a once a week shopper you can just combined them all or you can just run out to the store after reading)"

The link for the recipe and for a new one every day this week go to
She also goes over tips for cooking for two like, Pre Freeze, Post Freeze, Unfrozen Leftovers and Only Cooking what You'll Eat. Good tips for busy parents!


PS Wearing something sexy optional. ;)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Christmas Under $50

Been reading what alot of fellow moms are buying their babies for Christmas and my oh my some are goin insane. If you can afford it-go for it! This year I decided one "big" thing and ill make him a stocking with smaller things inside. Here's what I'm thinkin'..

One big thing:
Johnny Jump Up - $19.50

Stocking Stuffers:
Playskool Weeble 2 pack - $5.00
Learning Curve First Keys or Sassy Ring-o-Links - $2.99
Fisher Price Rock-a-Stack - $5.95
Classic Rubber Duck 3 pack - $4.99

This is what I have so far and it's under $50 which is not bad at all. I know that relatives will buy him clothes and stuff. Some other suggestions for babies in the 5-7 month range are..

Soft blocks or balls
Crib mirrors
Jumparoo (on the pricier side)
Bath Sqirty toys
CLOTHES! - they aways need clothes

A tip for mom's buy used toys-make sure you wash thoroughly and spray with clorox. I scrub mine and put them in the dishwasher on steam clean. Used toys are excellent as long as they are NOT used stuffed animals or plush toys-they contain icky things.


P.S. has a section under baby toys called "toys under $10"

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Life Savers vs. Money Wasters

I was sitting here going over my finances and such and thinking about what I need to buy for Bear and what I've already bought and wanted to share my thoughts on a few products. Some have been life savers and some just didn't last as long as I'd hoped.

Foot Rattles ($4.99) They seemed like a really great idea and he loved them for about a day but his feet are so big they don't fit. I would just invest in the hand rattles put one around the arm and one around the ankle and look! Now you have a wrist rattle AND a foot rattle!

ArmsReach Co-Sleeper ($80.00) I admit when I first got it I LOVED it. But if I am being honest with myself it doesn't last very long. He's only 16lb and too big for it. He has an inch over his head and two inches under his toes. I think this is best for c-section mommies in he very beginning but for me Bear ended up just sleeping with me anyway.

Graco Pack N' Play ($90-130.00) Life saver! I actually scored one of these for only $30.00 very lightly used. The changing table is perfect height, the bed is nice and big and its portable (it's best feature) I should have got one of these instead of the arms-reach co sleeper. I can pull it close to the bed or wheel it into the nursery very easily. Also the bed drops down to make a netter play yard for when he's older.

Sassy MOD Pop Bouncer ($55.00) another life saver. He used to nap in it, it takes up almost no space, it's easy to bounce with your foot and he is 5 months and still fits in it! He also really loves the nature sounds it plays and the vibrating feature-seemed weird to me but he likes it! I've heard a lot of mom's say their babies grew out of their bouncers fairly quickly and most of them had those really crazy gizmo and gadget ones that swing and jump and do everything. This one will work fine.

Graco Tucson Changing Table ($100.00) I actually got this at Target for only $15.00!!! Someone returned it open box because the coloring in the stain was slightly off...who cares?! I have mutual feelings about this one. I rarely use it as a changing table but all of Bear's clothes are stored in colorful bins on the shelves below. So it makes a great dresser but I don't use it for what it is.

Bumbo ($29.00-59.00) I love this for feeding time! It get's him sitting up and I can either put it on a chair or right on the table. He is tall and thin and can almost push himself out which makes me upset since it's advertised as a chair babies cannot get out of on their own but with supervision it was good. I recommend finding a cheaper used one.

PlayMat ($20-60.00) all play mats are essentially the same I have two and he loves both. Good for tummy time or just quiet time where baby can entertain himself. I wouldn't buy a $60.00 one when the ones for $20.00 are equally as entertaining. I would get one that you can attach your own toys if you want though.

Cracker Barrel Rocking Chair ($80-110.00) GREAT BUY! I had trouble finding a rocking chir NOT a glider. And Cracker Barrel has good quality American made rocking chairs in all different stains. It's wide and low so you can fit you, baby and a nursing pillow while rocking without back issues.

Well those are most of the "big buys" and my opinion on them. I hope this helps a new mommy somewhere!


Saturday, November 6, 2010


This is a short post but one that will bring hours of entertainment for your little one. I remember when I was little I loved bubbles! And I thought my son might be too little to enjoy them but I was very wrong he loves popping them and feeling them land on his tummy.
How to:
-You'll want a naked baby, either in his tub or in the sink with some warm water.
-Have 2tbs water and 2tbs baby shampoo mixed in a container-I used an old travel lotion bottle.
-Either cup your hands covered in the solution and blow or use the bubble wands from a bubbles bottle from the dollar store (I recommend the wand)
-Blow bubbles at baby's tummy during bath time and when one pops say "pop!"
-DO NOT aim for the face. This is why I make my own baby-safe solution in case any go in the mouth or eyes the baby shampoo wont irritate like regular bubbles will.
-When the bubbles touch his legs tell him he has bubbles on his legs or arms, etc. This way it's a learning experience too!