Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry Christmas!

So I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! New Years is coming right up and I bet your little ones are doing all kinds of new things lately anywhere from rolling over to crawling and laughing. That means it's time for...BABY-PROOFING!

Never skimp on safety! Hit up babies r us or the hardware store and buy some essentials.
-Outlet Covers - they even make cute ones with animal faces =]
-Zip ties - to tie up chords out of reach. Completely cover all chords if possible. Those are NOT good in baby's mouth.
-Move all breakables from the bottom cabinets in the kitchen and put tupper-ware, plastic bowls, measuring cups, etc on the bottom shelves. This way he can play with them-if you prefer get cabinet locks.
-I wouldn't worry too much about the bathroom yet-just keep the door closed.
-Don't leave breakables or small objects on end tables and coffee tables (anywhere reachable by a baby)
-Gate stairways and heaters to avoid uh-ohs
-Tie up curtains with matching ribbon, move house plants out of reach
-Anchor bookcases and TV stands to the walls
-Get corner covers for pointy right angles.

The best way to baby proof is to get on your hands and knees and be at babys height. Pretend to be a curious little one and see what kind of trouble you can get into.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Baby it's cold outside!

A fellow June mommy, daisy00117, from WTE posted an excellent idea! Using a rice bag to keep baby warm in his car seat or stroller! If you don't have one here's how to make one-a rice bag not a baby...silly...

You will need:
8"x16" Scrap Fabric
9"x20" Flannel Fabric
3 Plastic Buttons
Freezer bag-sandwich size
Whole Kernel Corn-better than rice-can be found at bird food stores or hunting stores

Fold 8x16 fabric in half to make 8x8 sew two and a half sides leaving an opening big enough to add corn. Sift through corn and pick out any twigs or the occasional bug. Turn right side out and fill bag loosely with corn-too full wont work as well you should be able to shake it. Sew up last hole.
Place bag on top of paper towel and microwave for 2 minutes and let cool for 2 hours. This helps sterilize and dry out the corn.
Place bag in a plastic ziploc freezer bag.
To make the cover take your flannel and fold a little less than half so you'll have 9x9 with 2" flap. sew sides (inside out) and turn right side out-so now you have a little pillow case looking thing with a flap. Sew buttons on pocket and make button holes on flap. If you are not a pro at sewing buttons securely use velcro instead. You do NOT want loose buttons that your baby can pull off.

To use:
Put corn bag in microwave for two minutes. Put inside flannel cover and button close. Place on baby's lap. Make sure it's not too hot. If you are worried you might burn baby then add a temperature strip they sell at babiesrus for bath tubs and stick on outside.



Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bow Patrol

Put baby on bow patrol while you wrap presents! Set all the wrapped presents out and take off the paper backing and let baby stick on all the bows. Yea they might end up in weird places on the boxes but who cares! They end up in the trash anyways. You can even let him stick em on his clothes-trust me-he'll think its a riot!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Read me a story, Momma

Oops I did it again-I said I'd post and didn't. An emergency arose and I had a mess of things happen yesterday! Here we go...

Decorating the tree!
For those of us who have not yet decorated the tree this is an activity both you and baby can enjoy. My son LOVES the lights so I set him in front of the tree and he stared at them for like 20 minutes. Buy a few ornaments if you dont have them already that are ok for baby to play with. Like plastic ones instead of glass-or wood ones with no led paint. Set him down with those while you decorate the tree and leave place on the bottom branches.
Hold him up to the tree while you hang "his" ornaments on the bottom. I can guarantee your baby will just look at you like your nuts but hey it gets everyone in the spirit and now if you sit him by the tree he can see the ornaments that are OK to touch!

Holiday Story Time! Ok I'll admit I couldn't think of a second one for today BUT Bear loves it when I do this and I bought the night before Christmas book the other day. Read with expression, props and funny voices. It's hilarious, if you have a significant other involve them too. My Christmas suggestions are:
Twas the night before Christmas
Polar Express
How the Grinch stole Christmas
What is Christmas
Merry Christmas Stinky Face
Humphreys first Christmas (religious)


Monday, December 6, 2010

Preparing for Christmas!

I was trying to think of ways to have Bear enjoy his first Christmas and get ready for Christmas instead of letting it all happen around him. I know he wont really understand or remember but he can have little bits of fun!

I am going to post a holiday activity for you and baby daily (hopefully-if not ill double up days)

To start: Holiday Cookies that Baby can enjoy too!

Keep in mind these are not for everyone. Bear eats graham crackers when supervised because they get a smooshy some babies are not there yet and that's ok, just wait for tomorrows activity!

These are home-mad graham crackers that have no honey in fact they are vegan too

you'll need:
2 1/2 cups whole wheat flour
1 cup all purpose flour
1/5 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 cup butter
1/4 brown sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 cup agave nectar (health food store or sugar mixed with water works)
3/4 cups water

Mix flours, baking powder, salt, cinnamon in a mixing bowl. Cream butter and sugar in separate bowl. Whisk in agave and vanilla until smooth. Slowly add dry mixture and water until mixed completely-you may have to switch to mixing with hands. Let dough rest for 30 minutes at room temp.

TIP: If you have older children they may want to join in this process. If not sit your LO in his bumbo on the counter with you and say everything as you add. I usually give Bear a wooden spoon to gnaw on while I cook and he sits contently.

Preheat oven to 325F Roll out the dough and use festive cookie cutters to cut out graham crackers or 'cookies'. If you want to keep them square go ahead! (Cut in 3inch squares and poke with fork)

TIP: There are no raw ingredients so it's ok to let baby pat the dough. I wouldn't let him have his own chunk though. Just pat your hands down on it to show how and maybe sing "patty-cake" while you do it!

Lay out on a pan and cook for 30 minutes or until golden brown. Let cool and enjoy!

Remember to watch baby eat these make sure they are all slimed up! If you are nervous take out a bowl and break up the cookie. Add 2 tsp of formula or breast milk and spoon feed to baby.

If you have older kids or want something sweeter make a glaze by mixing 1 small box of confectioners sugar and add water until its a thick glaze texture (about 1/2 cup) Add as-is or add coloring and let the older kids apply with a spoon or new paintbrush. If you let cookies sit with glaze it will harden so they are not so messy.


SneakPeak: Decorate the tree!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Holidays!

The holidays are so busy and I just started a new job-i know, excuses, excuses- BUT I will resume posting again this weekend! I'll have super easy holiday cards and holiday activities our little babies can enjoy too!
Come back this weekend and have a great week everybody!!


Friday, November 19, 2010

Crusty Baby

I was totally grossed out by the thick flaky ew on top of my son's head. I know there are way more disgusting things ahead but this is worse than thin flaky dandruff-Cradle Cap. There is nothing wrong with cradle cap other than it's unattractive and looks dirty (kinda like your baby's head is covered in bumpy yellow wax) So it's a common thing and I researched a few ways to make it go away. The trusted google says to rub petroleum jelly or mineral oil on it-I disagree.
I used baby oil (I guess kinda like mineral oil, but smells like babies) I put a generous amount of baby oil on my hands and massaged it into Bear's hair (use your nails-the stuff is thick) I pulled his onesie up over his head and twisted it (like a 'nun' hat...I did that when I was little) then I put a changing pad or towel underneath him in his crib and let him sleep for his nap (about 30 mins) then I stuck him in the tub, washed his hair thoroughly twice and dried him off.
Just a warning your baby's hair will be greasy until after the next bath time when it will be super-soft! If the 'nun hat' irritates your little one try an infant hat that is washable instead. 15-30 minutes should be fine for letting it sit in his hair and you should do this once a week or until it stops coming back.


Monday, November 15, 2010

Dinner for Two.

So I think a romantic evening for you and your significant other is in order and (most likely) long over due. I've asked my favorite blogging cook, Kelsey Jeanne, to do a week of "dinner for two" She is so great and even included a shopping list in the start (for all the weekly shoppers) so that you'll have everything you'll need.
So after feeding the little one and putting him to bed cook something nice for your honey.
Here's her intro to the day 1:

"For the Sandwiches, we're going to do a Foreman grill panini, with ham, Swiss, sprouts and spicy brown mustard. then a vegetable minestrone soup (tomato basil works really well too) and a mixed greens salad with celery, carrots, tomato and cucumber.
( I am going to put a shopping list in each post, and then the cooking directions, so that if your a once a week shopper you can just combined them all or you can just run out to the store after reading)"

The link for the recipe and for a new one every day this week go to
She also goes over tips for cooking for two like, Pre Freeze, Post Freeze, Unfrozen Leftovers and Only Cooking what You'll Eat. Good tips for busy parents!


PS Wearing something sexy optional. ;)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Christmas Under $50

Been reading what alot of fellow moms are buying their babies for Christmas and my oh my some are goin insane. If you can afford it-go for it! This year I decided one "big" thing and ill make him a stocking with smaller things inside. Here's what I'm thinkin'..

One big thing:
Johnny Jump Up - $19.50

Stocking Stuffers:
Playskool Weeble 2 pack - $5.00
Learning Curve First Keys or Sassy Ring-o-Links - $2.99
Fisher Price Rock-a-Stack - $5.95
Classic Rubber Duck 3 pack - $4.99

This is what I have so far and it's under $50 which is not bad at all. I know that relatives will buy him clothes and stuff. Some other suggestions for babies in the 5-7 month range are..

Soft blocks or balls
Crib mirrors
Jumparoo (on the pricier side)
Bath Sqirty toys
CLOTHES! - they aways need clothes

A tip for mom's buy used toys-make sure you wash thoroughly and spray with clorox. I scrub mine and put them in the dishwasher on steam clean. Used toys are excellent as long as they are NOT used stuffed animals or plush toys-they contain icky things.


P.S. has a section under baby toys called "toys under $10"

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Life Savers vs. Money Wasters

I was sitting here going over my finances and such and thinking about what I need to buy for Bear and what I've already bought and wanted to share my thoughts on a few products. Some have been life savers and some just didn't last as long as I'd hoped.

Foot Rattles ($4.99) They seemed like a really great idea and he loved them for about a day but his feet are so big they don't fit. I would just invest in the hand rattles put one around the arm and one around the ankle and look! Now you have a wrist rattle AND a foot rattle!

ArmsReach Co-Sleeper ($80.00) I admit when I first got it I LOVED it. But if I am being honest with myself it doesn't last very long. He's only 16lb and too big for it. He has an inch over his head and two inches under his toes. I think this is best for c-section mommies in he very beginning but for me Bear ended up just sleeping with me anyway.

Graco Pack N' Play ($90-130.00) Life saver! I actually scored one of these for only $30.00 very lightly used. The changing table is perfect height, the bed is nice and big and its portable (it's best feature) I should have got one of these instead of the arms-reach co sleeper. I can pull it close to the bed or wheel it into the nursery very easily. Also the bed drops down to make a netter play yard for when he's older.

Sassy MOD Pop Bouncer ($55.00) another life saver. He used to nap in it, it takes up almost no space, it's easy to bounce with your foot and he is 5 months and still fits in it! He also really loves the nature sounds it plays and the vibrating feature-seemed weird to me but he likes it! I've heard a lot of mom's say their babies grew out of their bouncers fairly quickly and most of them had those really crazy gizmo and gadget ones that swing and jump and do everything. This one will work fine.

Graco Tucson Changing Table ($100.00) I actually got this at Target for only $15.00!!! Someone returned it open box because the coloring in the stain was slightly off...who cares?! I have mutual feelings about this one. I rarely use it as a changing table but all of Bear's clothes are stored in colorful bins on the shelves below. So it makes a great dresser but I don't use it for what it is.

Bumbo ($29.00-59.00) I love this for feeding time! It get's him sitting up and I can either put it on a chair or right on the table. He is tall and thin and can almost push himself out which makes me upset since it's advertised as a chair babies cannot get out of on their own but with supervision it was good. I recommend finding a cheaper used one.

PlayMat ($20-60.00) all play mats are essentially the same I have two and he loves both. Good for tummy time or just quiet time where baby can entertain himself. I wouldn't buy a $60.00 one when the ones for $20.00 are equally as entertaining. I would get one that you can attach your own toys if you want though.

Cracker Barrel Rocking Chair ($80-110.00) GREAT BUY! I had trouble finding a rocking chir NOT a glider. And Cracker Barrel has good quality American made rocking chairs in all different stains. It's wide and low so you can fit you, baby and a nursing pillow while rocking without back issues.

Well those are most of the "big buys" and my opinion on them. I hope this helps a new mommy somewhere!


Saturday, November 6, 2010


This is a short post but one that will bring hours of entertainment for your little one. I remember when I was little I loved bubbles! And I thought my son might be too little to enjoy them but I was very wrong he loves popping them and feeling them land on his tummy.
How to:
-You'll want a naked baby, either in his tub or in the sink with some warm water.
-Have 2tbs water and 2tbs baby shampoo mixed in a container-I used an old travel lotion bottle.
-Either cup your hands covered in the solution and blow or use the bubble wands from a bubbles bottle from the dollar store (I recommend the wand)
-Blow bubbles at baby's tummy during bath time and when one pops say "pop!"
-DO NOT aim for the face. This is why I make my own baby-safe solution in case any go in the mouth or eyes the baby shampoo wont irritate like regular bubbles will.
-When the bubbles touch his legs tell him he has bubbles on his legs or arms, etc. This way it's a learning experience too!


Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mr. Yarn!

I went out to breakfast with family today and I had quite a fussy baby and no toys. I used his fleece hat as a hand puppet and voila! A smiley baby! SOOO I went home and made "Mr. Yarn" Who will now travel in the diaper bag.
Very easy to make all you need is:
-Needle and any color thread
-Piece of old t-shirt or piece of scrap fabric about 12" x 10"
-Two buttons
-10 3" strands of any color yarn

Fold fabric in half so the outside is facing in. Sew along the long edge and knot. Sew the top and pull tight to make it bunch up and tie tight. Turn right side out and put your hand inside and hold the "bunchy" part in your hand to make the mouth. Sew the buttons as eyes-about either side of the center of your middle finger (if that makes sense) Lay your 10 piece of yarn and tie very tightly at the center then put above the eyes and stitch to puppet to make hair.
If you're not any good at sewing use a tube sock and skip the first few steps.

What I love about puppets is they can be happy, sad, playful or silly by only changing your voice and it's expression. SO easy and SO entertaining for our growing little ones. Mr Yarn got his name because Bear pulled out one of his hairs and the puppet kept "eating" it and spitting it back out to make Bear laugh. It was a blast!


Friday, October 22, 2010


So I now realize that "boob cubes" are no longer the most efficient way to store breastmilk when our little ones are eating more and more often. SOOOO I have come up with 3 oz Boob Cubes!!

Buy a tube or two of those 4 oz bathroom cups (I chose the SpongeBob themed ones) and after a pumping fill almost to the top-about 3 oz and put saran and a rubber band as the lid. Line your freezer door and then after they are frozed squeeze them out into freezer baggies and label! The cups can be reused twice (two times only) if you rinse with HOT water.

Follow the thaw instructions from my past feezing blog.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

The SIMPLE things in life.

I have been SWAMPED! SO sorry for not posting any nifty things for you thrifty moms in a while BUT as your little one discovers the world around him it may be tempting to buy every toy on the shelf. I have to resist the toy aisle in every store because all the kids toys are just so damn cute! At this stage I truly believe simple every day things are better.
Lately I've been lining up things for Bear to grab and touch and explore. I sit him on my lap at the table or lay him next to a bunch of different colorful things around the house. Colored plastic baby spoons (2.99 for 10 at the grocery store) A bright blue plastic measuring cup, a plush toy (usually his "binky bear" its a Wubba-nub) and I let him hold them and pick which ones he wants. The way I see it if I give him a some shiney monster toy off the shelf he'll have no idea what it is (because I have no idea what it is) but if it's an every day thing he's more likely to recognize it later on.
Also we have so much fun with paper towel rolls the other day, I would talk into it and he thought it was hilarious.
Make sure everything you give them in OK to put in their mouth and CLEAN! A great way to clean toys is 1 cup white vinegar and 1 cup water and after washing them just dunk them and let dry. Non-Toxic and once vinegar is dry it has no smell!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Squishy Food

Ahah! Your little one is probably sitting up with some support and holding his little head high when he's carried around...well I know my man is! Once they are a 'supported sitter' its OK to try out some new foods! Easiest is bananas and apples. For bananas just puree them with some almond milk until they are runny. Don't expect your baby to gobble it up or be all that interested at first there may be disgusted faces or it might come out a few times before staying in but thats all fine. DONT replace breastmilk with food yet. Your baby still needs all the nutrients and antibodies in the milk you're makin'. The other I've made but he hasn't tried yet is apple sauce. It's super easy take some sweet apples, core them and bake them in a covered pan at 400 for about half an hour. they'll bubble up and get smooshy. Use a fork to pick out the skins and then puree in the blender or (my favorite) the magic bullet. (its as easy as 1-2-3...haha)
Baby spoons are so cute too!
Don't force the food it may not be time yet! The suggested thing to do is feed your baby an ounce of milk then try a spoonful of food.
But making your own foods has tons of advantages, especially for such a new body. You can feed them foods you grow in your own garden like carrots and peas, you can buy organic fruits and vegetables, you can buy local, it's way cheaper than buying baby food and you can make a bunch and freeze it in ice cube trays (see my "Boob Cube" blog entry) And lastly it's more fun =] They even make baby cook books.


Friday, September 3, 2010

Easy Kitchen Classics

Now cooking is not my thing, I'm getting better at it (for really good recipes go to my sisters blog Junk by KelseyJeanne ) but for the time being I have stuck to really easy recipes, ones that work well for the tired mom and thought I'd share.
Quiche and Italian Quesadillas are my favorite ones so far so we'll start there.

For crust:
-2 tbs rosemary
-1 tsp salt
-1 cup flour
-1/3 cup shortening
-5 tbs water

mix all rosemary, salt and flour in a bowl. Using a fork add in shortening and water. Use hands to finish mixing. When it seems pretty well mixed sprinkle flour on a flat surface and roll the dough until its about 12 inches wide (circle) Place in your pie pan and then cover with tinfoil. Bake for 5 minutes at 450 and then remove tinfoil and bake until golden brown (about another 5 minutes) and remove from oven. Turn heat down to 350

For filling you will need:
-1 cup of any leftover veggies you have in the fridge (last night I used peppers, onions and garlic because they were on the verge of going bad)
-5 strips of crispy cooked bacon or ham
-2 eggs
-1 cup milk
-1 tbs flour

Sate veggies in a skillet with 2 tbs olive oil then put in a bowl. Add meat, eggs, milk and flour. Mix well and pour into pie crust. Put in over, uncovered for 35 minutes. take out and enjoy! Makes 8 slices and you can use leftovers. It's pretty easy and fairly fast.

Italian Quesadillas!

You will need:
1/4 onion
1/2 red pepper
2 tbs chopped garlic
fresh basil (i buy the tube of basil they have in produce section)
cherry tomatoes (halved)
olive oil
perdu pre-cooked roast chicken strips
Italian shredded cheese blend

Preheat oven to 350. In a pan sate onions, peppers, garlic until golden brown, add tomatoes and chicken and remove from heat. if you bought the tube of basil spread thin over on of the tortillas if you bought fresh mix with sate veggies. Add veggies to torilla evenly and coat with cheese. Put another tortilla on top and bake in oven for 12 minutes or until cheese is melted.

Yeah those are both fairly quick and the veggies can be whatever is in the fridge, same with the meat on both. So if you don't wanna shot and dont want to cook a whole big meal both of these have meat, dairy, vegetable and grain and work for lunch too.


Monday, August 30, 2010

Important Things Now for Later

So I am a first time mom but I have developed theories on things I can do now to better the relationship with my son later. Who knows if these will really work, but it's worth a shot right? Plus there is no RIGHT way to do any of this nor do these little kiddos come with manuals. So I shall share...

I think it's hard for some people to know what to do to bond with their children, especially today in a world filled with TV's, video games, computers, iphones, nannycams, get the point. It's so easy to use precious bonding time doing other things. Some ways I like to bond with my my son
-While feeding. I admit sometimes I slip and I start texting or blogging while feeding him BUT I have been trying not to. Instead of plopping myself in front of the tv I've been going in my bedroom to nurse or dimming the lights in the nursery or room im on. I try to make eye contact with him and hold him close. He needs to learn now that later on feeding time is not play time. If I am bottle feeding this is especially important, I want him to know that even though I'm not nursing, I'm still there taking care of him.
-Play time. Some babies hate play time, they barely stop crying to enjoy a moment with mom (thank god) Bear is not one of those babies. My heart goes out to mothers with constantly cranky little ones. Instead of putting your baby on a playmat and calling it good, lay down next to him. Name the objects around and point. Bear loves watching me do the dishes, I tell him what I'm washing as I put it away and he just looks up all smiley. Make faces any chance you get (suck in your cheeks and make a fish face or smile so all your teeth show)

Talk to your Baby!
Talking to your baby is so so important. Not just so he learns to speak and socialize but the more they hear your voice the more they know WHO to listen to. I am sure you all agree you want your kids listening to you not Ben10 or Hannah Monatana! Familiar voices will tell them who they can trust and turn to. Never yell at your baby, they are learning and it's all about trust in my book. If they trust you, it will stick (at least until they are teens)

Developing good hygiene now will help get a routine going for when your baby is old enough to catch on that being clean is a good thing. If you set aside time asap then setting time aside later will be no biggy. Change your baby as soon as he's dirty, bathe your baby daily or every other day and most of all smile and talk in an upbeat way when doing all these things, that way they are not interpreted as a hastle but more something fun and exciting. I think clean is fun!

If you like to travel then don't fear traveling with baby. Yes sometimes there will be outbreaks of tears in public and car rides full of screams but a portable baby now has a better chance of a portable toddler later. If they are used to grocery stores and public settings I believe they are less likely to throw a fit because they 'want' something in a store later. The grocery store is a GREAT place for a baby, when they can sit up start showing and naming everything you put in the cart. All the colors and shapes can be very fascinating!

Well that touched on a few things. Bed time!


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Booby Leakage?

Sooo I have this problem of forgetting to buy breast pads. I made some washable ones but lost them in the wash (along with miscellaneous sock)
I had a major crisis at work when I was in the middle of something that had a deadline approaching in one hour and a let down! I know I have 30 seconds before my shirt is pretty much ruined for the day so I think fast, grab scissors out of my desk and a pantiliner from my purse. I race to the bathroom, snip it in half and voila! Worked like a charm.
Sticks much better than a "boob-pad" and doesn't show through my bra. I went to the store after work to check out prices and figured that the average price for a breast pad is 16 cents/piece while the Kotex pantiliners (the ones that come in those uber-tiny packs) are only 3 cents/piece thats about 1/5 of the cost!
For those of you who can easily keep track of your laundry-to make your own re-usable breast pads buy gerber cloth diapers and before washing (so they are nice and flat) lay them out 5 thick. Take a drinking glass and a pen and trace circles about a half inch apart. You should be able to fit 4 down 6 across (24 pads or 12 sets)
DO NOT CUT THEM OUT! You will need a sewing machine to do this. Keeping your layers flat sew around the circles and then cut them out so each one has a 1/4 inch rim around the stitching. And you made breast pads...yay!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Whose Binky is Whose?

Pacifier, Binky, Sucker...whatever you want to call it. My favorite is the Soothie (those big round teal ones that they give in hospitals) But the only problem is so many babies have them!! I was at a friends house recently and we had to remember exactly where I put Bear's sucker and where she put Adrian's sucker. Anyways it got confusing. I wished there was a more attractive way to tell them apart besides sharpie (ick) and while camping this past weekend I had an idea-amazing I know.
GimpyBinky!!! (I am planning on patenting this so don't steal it please) a product by PlusPeace Baby (that's me) It's multi-purpose my other issue with these pacifiers is they only have a little tab to hold onto and they constantly slip out of Bear's mouth and onto the floor. So I took some red and blue Gimp and cut off the little tab and made a lanyard attached to the binky! I love it and Bear loves it.
He can hold onto it, he can put both ends in his mouth, it easily stays in my jeans pocke without having to put the sucking end in (dirty) and it washes the same as before. It will also a teething toy when he starts to get his teeth in! This thing is fantastic. I'm all about saving money but I will be selling these ($6.00 + shipping) and I found the soothies at target in 3 different colors (pink, blue and green)
It's just so cute and practical-works well for Moby wrap moms if you've also had problems getting a pacifier in there with baby.
Here it is!


(if you want one, e-mail me

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Boppy for Baby?

Oh, the Boppy pillow. I actually never got one so I'm going by what I've heard from nursing mothers and from what I use instead. From what I've been told they are not all they're cracked up to be. They do have multiple uses but it is intended to be a 'nursing pillow'

I used regular old couch cushions and they worked perfectly. Now that he's bigger he just sits on my lap. I recommend just cheap pillows from anywhere that are on the stiffer side. Another thing I hear works fantastic(ally?) is those really long pillows for day beds because they can be used as baby supports when he's sitting up or for tummy time and eventually will make a good pillow for the toddler bed.

A position that needs no pillow for nursing is laying on your side and having baby face you on his side. LEARN THIS! It makes midnight feedings SO much easier and even better if you co-sleep (another blog)


Suggestions would be nice, some days I have no clue what to write...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Counting Sheep

Everyone says that finding a routine makes bedtime easier...yes easIER not easy...keep that in mind. I was driving myself mad trying to come up with a way to get Bear to sleep (in his crib not my arms) when I needed him to, so that in the evening I could get things done-AKA sit here and blog. I avoided making a routine because, well let's face it, I didn't want to add more things to my daily to-do.

Here is my 'Sure-to-get-some-Zs' night time routine:
7:15-7:30pm Tummy-Time. Or whatever type of play time you do with your little one, just make sure it's interaction between the two of you.
7:30-7:45pm Bath Time! I bathe him with soap every other day and on the off days I just hold him and let him float in the water and wash his neck with a washcloth (nobody likes neck-cheese)
7:45-8:15pm Snack. I breast feed near his crib and leave only the night light on.
8:15-8:30pm Cuddle Time. I hold him until he's drowsy, if he's having trouble getting drowsy I read or sing to him. Key is leaving the lights dim. I usually play some kind of soft music as well.
8:30-I place him in the crib but stay in the room and slowly walk out so I am sure he's asleep.

On days when he's fussy but not screaming I'll let him fuss in his crib for a moment before going back and holding him. He'll usually just go to sleep since he's dressed in his sleeper and he has a full tummy.

Some babies don't like baths so try listening to soft music together. Bear really loves Native flute music-I don't know why but it makes him sleep almost instantly. Once the lights are out only whisper and keep your voice soft.

If all goes well I can leave the room and get some stuff done! Yippee! Pile of bills, here I come!


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wrap It Up and Get Moving!

**Updated 3/14/13 with image and notes (italics)**

Make your own baby wrap!! It's so simple and so cheap. We've all heard of the Moby Wrap ($40) or GypsyMomma ($79) but they are so pricey. Here's how to make 2 for just $10.00, and the best part is no sewing!

-5 yards of bathing suit material type fabric. I went to Wally World (Walmart) any big brand store that sells fabric should be cheap. If you prefer classy fabric it will cost a bit more. The average size of a ream is 60" wide which is perfect.  Keep in mind: 5 yards seems like an excessive amount of fabric but you will need all of it for tying.
-Good fabric cutting scissors.
-A baby.

Take your fabric, fold it in half length wise and lay it out on the floor like a runway. Cut down the seam and separate your two pieces. You did it! You now have two baby wraps that are 5 yards by 30 inches.

They are cute and stylish and even though they are the oldest baby carrying method (besides your arms) on the planet they are so modern and chic! You can buy this fabric in plain colors, bright colors, patterns, anything! Because it's bathing suit material it wont fray so no need to hem. If you hem it might rip where you stitched unless you do it right.

You say you don't know how to wear a wrap?!? Well Moby wrap so kindly puts their directions ONLINE there are also instructions on YouTube that you can watch. I've only mastered the basic which is very simple, I haven't figured out how to breastfeed with it yet.

Now that you've got a wrap you are super mom, you can do anything you set your mind to. After-all you've got 2 free hands (I have to admit it kind of makes you feel pregnant again with your baby strapped to your belly) We went in the pool. I put him in there and waded in the shallow end and he just slept in there and enjoyed the warm water on his toes. You can also shower with your little one on hot days just stick him in and voila! shower time.

Don't you feel so nifty?


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tips for Top Notch Tits!

"Ouch, my nipples!" a phrase I hope to never hear myself say again (that is until teething comes along, that will be a whole other issue to deal with) I am proud to say that I have only had cracked nipples for less than a 24hr period and only 2 very mild cases of mastitis since my babe was born!

My trick? Knowing my body.

Having dry, cracked or sore nipples sucks! So here are a few things to do daily to prevent it and help it when it does happen.
-THE best thing for your nipples is actually your own breast milk. To prevent dryness after feeding baby just squeeze a little out (unless baby so kindly covered your boobs with it anyway) and with your finger rub it into your nipple before putting on breast pads.
-If you already have cracked nipples DO invest in lanolin cream. Madella makes a good one. Apply graciously after feedings and/or when you change breast pads.
-don't wear a bra. I know this sounds unpleasing because I'm sure we all leak but air really helps with nipple health. When you get home from work or have a few hours when nobody but you and the babe will be around put on a large, loose t-shirt (preferably one you dont mind getting stained) and lounge around the house for a few hours. Come on ladies, let the girls breathe a little!

Oh, mastitis, clogged duct or painful spot! I thankfully caught the mastitis before it got really bad, I knew my body and how it should feel normally and thats how I figured it out. And I killed it off with no antibiotics. To tell if it's mastitis or just a clogged duct take your temp, if it's higher than normal but below 103 then you might be able to get rid of it yourself. I had a temp of 103 and felt like total crap! My boobs hurt, my head hurt and I didn't feel like eating anything, here's what to do:
-Take Tylenol to reduce your fever-if it's over 103 just call your doctor!!!
-Apply heat and pressure (hot compress) TIP: boil a pot of water, once its boiling take it off the heat and open one of babies diapers (a CLEAN one thats is NOT on your baby! duh) pour water on it until it swells up all big and gets steamy. Now drape it over your boob. It's the right shape and stays hot longer than a warm towel.
-Nurse, nurse, nurse. I know it hurts but the baby does a way better job of unclogging ducts and getting milk flowing than a pump can. It's also better for your nipples.
-drink lots of water, keeps the milk thin and flowing plus you should be drinking a ton of water anyways.

If the area is pink or red and you have a massive lump call the doctor, it's too late to try and figure it out on your own and you're risking getting real sick. They'll give you antibiotics to take but keep doing these things as well, it really helps the process.

If you have a spot on your nipple that's clogged it's VERY painful the best thing is to pop it, get some milk out of it, smother it in lanolin and don't wear a bra for a few hours.

I hope this helps your boobies!


Sunday, July 25, 2010

7 Uses for a Gerber Cloth Diaper

I love Gerber cloth diapers! They have so many uses and I have thought of 7 good ones!

1-Of course the cloth diaper, easy to fold and all you need is pins!
2-Burp cloths
3-Use them as washcloths for baby in the tub. Wet it and drape it over him so he doesn't get cold while you wash and soap him up.
4-Once they are stained and icky use them as cleaning rags.
5-If you buy gdiapers (thats a whole other blog) they make excellent inserts instead of buying the g-inserts.
6-This one might be a stretch but fold in a triangle and roll it up, then tie around your head like a handkerchief. Sounds stupid but I did this while cleaning in the awful humidity the other day and it was quite cute! (plus it goes with anything)
7-My favorite blanky when I was little =] the greatest thing about this is if you loose it your little one wont cry because you'll always have another on hand!

A good tip-wash with bleach every time and iron after you dry them. They are SO much easier to use after they've been ironed. It is time consuming but worth it I promise.

(This was supposed to be 10...but...10 is too much for a mothers brain to comprehend so we'll stick with 7)


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Boob Cube!

Breast milk storage is probably the most complicated thing about breast/bottle feeding. You never expect it'll be all that hard to come up with a system that A) fits in your freezer and B) stays organized. I don't know about anyone else but I LOVE the dollar store...everything just one dollar (wootwoot)
I am using the Playtex Drop in bottles, I found that their new 'drop in' system isn't all that great the older bags are better. If you tighten the lid using the drop-ins and do it too tight the seal breaks and when you look at your baby and go "wow! you're eating fast today" only to move the bottle and find half on the breasmilk dripping down his front (true story)
So the best method for freezing breasmilk is icecube trays. I got mine at the Dollar Tree for 2/$1.00 I have green ones for breastmilk and blue ones for real ice cubes. You want to have a few trays so you can freeze all the milk from one day at once. You'll also need ziplock freezer bags (the ones with the window to write on are best) and any brand will do.
Heres how!

Pump all your milk into a large bottle or thermos, I keep it in the fridge and just add to it. Before going to bed shake it well and pour into the trays and freeze (they stack so they dont take much room. In the morning you have a tray or two of what I like to call "Boob Cubes" each cube is a little less than an ounce but close enough. Label the baggy three months from the date. This is the reccomended amount of time you keep milk in the freezer (I was told use the power of three-three hours at room temp, three days in the fridge and three months in the freezer) Now write the number of cubes as well, close and put in the freezer door.

Just make sure you wash trays well. They do sell storage systems at babys r us that are just like ice cube trays but for baby food. It's the same just a little pricier. If you are afraid your breastmilk will taste like freezer than wrap in saran wrap before putting in the freezer. This system also works when if comes time for solids.

To thaw!
Just put hoever many cubes you will need in a bottle the night before and put in the fridge by morning it should be slush and you can warm it up with hot water before giving to baby.


Friday, July 23, 2010

Snore followed by Fart followed by Wahhhh

I had this problem and sometimes still do. Bear will eat, burp, settle and fall asleep. I start to do my daily chores and then hear **pffft!** and then screams of pain coming from my little mans crib. Before you run to the store and buy a wedge to keep your baby elevated, sleep positioners so he doesn't roll off the wedge and a bottle of asprin to keep your head from exploding try this out. Under your baby's mattress put a 3" 3-hole binder...voila! you've created a wedge for about $3.00 as opposed to $20-70 (yes...$70!) This keeps baby elevated just enough so the bubbles rise to the top instead of cramping up his poor little belly. If your baby likes to slide down the wedge or does better sleeping on his side, take a regular sized bath towel fold in half length wise and roll either end toward the middle. Stop once there is a 6" gap between the two rolls. Place baby in the middle so the rolls are from his armpits down (this way he doesn't sleep with his face in the towel-not safe) if you're near a Wallmart or Target a bath towel is about $5-7.00 no need to be fancy, any towel will do. The thing I don't like about store bought sleep positioners is when your little one (god forbit) pukes or poops on it, it's almost impossible to get it out. A towel you just un-roll it and stick it in the wash with the rest of the dirties!
Now for just about $10 you've helped your baby get a good nights rest...well...a good two hours at least!


If anyone has thoughts suggestions or questions feel free to comment or e-mail me at

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Diaper Bag Madness!!!

Packing a diaper bag is something I struggle with daily. It seems like every time I get it down he ends up running out of something or needing something new. I think I've finally got it!
Choosing the right bag: The bag I like most has 5 pockets, one in front with smaller pockets inside (for small items like vitamin d and bibs) A large inside pocket for all your linens and bigger items and another outside pocket for a changing pad and two on either end that I keep a room temp bottle and the other is for my cell phone or wallet.
I put a check-list in the side pocket with things I need to bring for an 8 hour day trip.
2 4oz bottles cold or partially frozen
1 4oz bottle room temp
2 bibs
2 burp cloths (I use gerber cloth diapers)
Vitamin D
10 disposable diapers (if you use cloth bring 10 inserts and 2 covers)
whole pack of wipes (I put them in a zip-lock so I don't have a giant box taking up space)
Waterproof changing pad
Small tube of rash cream
Rattle or noisy toy (he likes the telephone shaped rattle)
Small quilt or blanket to use as a play mat
2 short sleeve onesies if summer (longsleeve if winter)
2 sleepers with feet
1 socks
1 hat
2 swaddle blankets

I am probably forgetting something now that I'm writing this out (and watching 'I didn't know I was pregnant') but the point is OVER PACK! The unexpected always happens!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Spend spend spend!

There are so many places to buy things for your new bundle of joy but the truth is all she needs is YOU! (and maybe a few more things) but I can guarantee your newborn wont care the colors, brands or whether it's new or used! My goal is to help the thrifty mom decide what she really needs to get for her little one and what to use around the house instead. (Alot of these are also very 'green' if you're into that sort of thing)

None of these ideas are new, I am simply learning and collecting information from the various sources and sharing it all in one place! I will tackle things like gassy babies, feeding and breast health, entertainment, sleeping, decorating, traveling and any other issues I run into being a first time mom.

This is my spot to share experience and help out anyone willing to read.