Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wrap It Up and Get Moving!

**Updated 3/14/13 with image and notes (italics)**

Make your own baby wrap!! It's so simple and so cheap. We've all heard of the Moby Wrap ($40) or GypsyMomma ($79) but they are so pricey. Here's how to make 2 for just $10.00, and the best part is no sewing!

-5 yards of bathing suit material type fabric. I went to Wally World (Walmart) any big brand store that sells fabric should be cheap. If you prefer classy fabric it will cost a bit more. The average size of a ream is 60" wide which is perfect.  Keep in mind: 5 yards seems like an excessive amount of fabric but you will need all of it for tying.
-Good fabric cutting scissors.
-A baby.

Take your fabric, fold it in half length wise and lay it out on the floor like a runway. Cut down the seam and separate your two pieces. You did it! You now have two baby wraps that are 5 yards by 30 inches.

They are cute and stylish and even though they are the oldest baby carrying method (besides your arms) on the planet they are so modern and chic! You can buy this fabric in plain colors, bright colors, patterns, anything! Because it's bathing suit material it wont fray so no need to hem. If you hem it might rip where you stitched unless you do it right.

You say you don't know how to wear a wrap?!? Well Moby wrap so kindly puts their directions ONLINE there are also instructions on YouTube that you can watch. I've only mastered the basic which is very simple, I haven't figured out how to breastfeed with it yet.

Now that you've got a wrap you are super mom, you can do anything you set your mind to. After-all you've got 2 free hands (I have to admit it kind of makes you feel pregnant again with your baby strapped to your belly) We went in the pool. I put him in there and waded in the shallow end and he just slept in there and enjoyed the warm water on his toes. You can also shower with your little one on hot days just stick him in and voila! shower time.

Don't you feel so nifty?


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