Thursday, July 22, 2010

Diaper Bag Madness!!!

Packing a diaper bag is something I struggle with daily. It seems like every time I get it down he ends up running out of something or needing something new. I think I've finally got it!
Choosing the right bag: The bag I like most has 5 pockets, one in front with smaller pockets inside (for small items like vitamin d and bibs) A large inside pocket for all your linens and bigger items and another outside pocket for a changing pad and two on either end that I keep a room temp bottle and the other is for my cell phone or wallet.
I put a check-list in the side pocket with things I need to bring for an 8 hour day trip.
2 4oz bottles cold or partially frozen
1 4oz bottle room temp
2 bibs
2 burp cloths (I use gerber cloth diapers)
Vitamin D
10 disposable diapers (if you use cloth bring 10 inserts and 2 covers)
whole pack of wipes (I put them in a zip-lock so I don't have a giant box taking up space)
Waterproof changing pad
Small tube of rash cream
Rattle or noisy toy (he likes the telephone shaped rattle)
Small quilt or blanket to use as a play mat
2 short sleeve onesies if summer (longsleeve if winter)
2 sleepers with feet
1 socks
1 hat
2 swaddle blankets

I am probably forgetting something now that I'm writing this out (and watching 'I didn't know I was pregnant') but the point is OVER PACK! The unexpected always happens!


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