Sunday, July 25, 2010

7 Uses for a Gerber Cloth Diaper

I love Gerber cloth diapers! They have so many uses and I have thought of 7 good ones!

1-Of course the cloth diaper, easy to fold and all you need is pins!
2-Burp cloths
3-Use them as washcloths for baby in the tub. Wet it and drape it over him so he doesn't get cold while you wash and soap him up.
4-Once they are stained and icky use them as cleaning rags.
5-If you buy gdiapers (thats a whole other blog) they make excellent inserts instead of buying the g-inserts.
6-This one might be a stretch but fold in a triangle and roll it up, then tie around your head like a handkerchief. Sounds stupid but I did this while cleaning in the awful humidity the other day and it was quite cute! (plus it goes with anything)
7-My favorite blanky when I was little =] the greatest thing about this is if you loose it your little one wont cry because you'll always have another on hand!

A good tip-wash with bleach every time and iron after you dry them. They are SO much easier to use after they've been ironed. It is time consuming but worth it I promise.

(This was supposed to be 10...but...10 is too much for a mothers brain to comprehend so we'll stick with 7)


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