Saturday, July 24, 2010

Boob Cube!

Breast milk storage is probably the most complicated thing about breast/bottle feeding. You never expect it'll be all that hard to come up with a system that A) fits in your freezer and B) stays organized. I don't know about anyone else but I LOVE the dollar store...everything just one dollar (wootwoot)
I am using the Playtex Drop in bottles, I found that their new 'drop in' system isn't all that great the older bags are better. If you tighten the lid using the drop-ins and do it too tight the seal breaks and when you look at your baby and go "wow! you're eating fast today" only to move the bottle and find half on the breasmilk dripping down his front (true story)
So the best method for freezing breasmilk is icecube trays. I got mine at the Dollar Tree for 2/$1.00 I have green ones for breastmilk and blue ones for real ice cubes. You want to have a few trays so you can freeze all the milk from one day at once. You'll also need ziplock freezer bags (the ones with the window to write on are best) and any brand will do.
Heres how!

Pump all your milk into a large bottle or thermos, I keep it in the fridge and just add to it. Before going to bed shake it well and pour into the trays and freeze (they stack so they dont take much room. In the morning you have a tray or two of what I like to call "Boob Cubes" each cube is a little less than an ounce but close enough. Label the baggy three months from the date. This is the reccomended amount of time you keep milk in the freezer (I was told use the power of three-three hours at room temp, three days in the fridge and three months in the freezer) Now write the number of cubes as well, close and put in the freezer door.

Just make sure you wash trays well. They do sell storage systems at babys r us that are just like ice cube trays but for baby food. It's the same just a little pricier. If you are afraid your breastmilk will taste like freezer than wrap in saran wrap before putting in the freezer. This system also works when if comes time for solids.

To thaw!
Just put hoever many cubes you will need in a bottle the night before and put in the fridge by morning it should be slush and you can warm it up with hot water before giving to baby.


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