Monday, August 30, 2010

Important Things Now for Later

So I am a first time mom but I have developed theories on things I can do now to better the relationship with my son later. Who knows if these will really work, but it's worth a shot right? Plus there is no RIGHT way to do any of this nor do these little kiddos come with manuals. So I shall share...

I think it's hard for some people to know what to do to bond with their children, especially today in a world filled with TV's, video games, computers, iphones, nannycams, get the point. It's so easy to use precious bonding time doing other things. Some ways I like to bond with my my son
-While feeding. I admit sometimes I slip and I start texting or blogging while feeding him BUT I have been trying not to. Instead of plopping myself in front of the tv I've been going in my bedroom to nurse or dimming the lights in the nursery or room im on. I try to make eye contact with him and hold him close. He needs to learn now that later on feeding time is not play time. If I am bottle feeding this is especially important, I want him to know that even though I'm not nursing, I'm still there taking care of him.
-Play time. Some babies hate play time, they barely stop crying to enjoy a moment with mom (thank god) Bear is not one of those babies. My heart goes out to mothers with constantly cranky little ones. Instead of putting your baby on a playmat and calling it good, lay down next to him. Name the objects around and point. Bear loves watching me do the dishes, I tell him what I'm washing as I put it away and he just looks up all smiley. Make faces any chance you get (suck in your cheeks and make a fish face or smile so all your teeth show)

Talk to your Baby!
Talking to your baby is so so important. Not just so he learns to speak and socialize but the more they hear your voice the more they know WHO to listen to. I am sure you all agree you want your kids listening to you not Ben10 or Hannah Monatana! Familiar voices will tell them who they can trust and turn to. Never yell at your baby, they are learning and it's all about trust in my book. If they trust you, it will stick (at least until they are teens)

Developing good hygiene now will help get a routine going for when your baby is old enough to catch on that being clean is a good thing. If you set aside time asap then setting time aside later will be no biggy. Change your baby as soon as he's dirty, bathe your baby daily or every other day and most of all smile and talk in an upbeat way when doing all these things, that way they are not interpreted as a hastle but more something fun and exciting. I think clean is fun!

If you like to travel then don't fear traveling with baby. Yes sometimes there will be outbreaks of tears in public and car rides full of screams but a portable baby now has a better chance of a portable toddler later. If they are used to grocery stores and public settings I believe they are less likely to throw a fit because they 'want' something in a store later. The grocery store is a GREAT place for a baby, when they can sit up start showing and naming everything you put in the cart. All the colors and shapes can be very fascinating!

Well that touched on a few things. Bed time!


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Booby Leakage?

Sooo I have this problem of forgetting to buy breast pads. I made some washable ones but lost them in the wash (along with miscellaneous sock)
I had a major crisis at work when I was in the middle of something that had a deadline approaching in one hour and a let down! I know I have 30 seconds before my shirt is pretty much ruined for the day so I think fast, grab scissors out of my desk and a pantiliner from my purse. I race to the bathroom, snip it in half and voila! Worked like a charm.
Sticks much better than a "boob-pad" and doesn't show through my bra. I went to the store after work to check out prices and figured that the average price for a breast pad is 16 cents/piece while the Kotex pantiliners (the ones that come in those uber-tiny packs) are only 3 cents/piece thats about 1/5 of the cost!
For those of you who can easily keep track of your laundry-to make your own re-usable breast pads buy gerber cloth diapers and before washing (so they are nice and flat) lay them out 5 thick. Take a drinking glass and a pen and trace circles about a half inch apart. You should be able to fit 4 down 6 across (24 pads or 12 sets)
DO NOT CUT THEM OUT! You will need a sewing machine to do this. Keeping your layers flat sew around the circles and then cut them out so each one has a 1/4 inch rim around the stitching. And you made breast pads...yay!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Whose Binky is Whose?

Pacifier, Binky, Sucker...whatever you want to call it. My favorite is the Soothie (those big round teal ones that they give in hospitals) But the only problem is so many babies have them!! I was at a friends house recently and we had to remember exactly where I put Bear's sucker and where she put Adrian's sucker. Anyways it got confusing. I wished there was a more attractive way to tell them apart besides sharpie (ick) and while camping this past weekend I had an idea-amazing I know.
GimpyBinky!!! (I am planning on patenting this so don't steal it please) a product by PlusPeace Baby (that's me) It's multi-purpose my other issue with these pacifiers is they only have a little tab to hold onto and they constantly slip out of Bear's mouth and onto the floor. So I took some red and blue Gimp and cut off the little tab and made a lanyard attached to the binky! I love it and Bear loves it.
He can hold onto it, he can put both ends in his mouth, it easily stays in my jeans pocke without having to put the sucking end in (dirty) and it washes the same as before. It will also a teething toy when he starts to get his teeth in! This thing is fantastic. I'm all about saving money but I will be selling these ($6.00 + shipping) and I found the soothies at target in 3 different colors (pink, blue and green)
It's just so cute and practical-works well for Moby wrap moms if you've also had problems getting a pacifier in there with baby.
Here it is!


(if you want one, e-mail me

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Boppy for Baby?

Oh, the Boppy pillow. I actually never got one so I'm going by what I've heard from nursing mothers and from what I use instead. From what I've been told they are not all they're cracked up to be. They do have multiple uses but it is intended to be a 'nursing pillow'

I used regular old couch cushions and they worked perfectly. Now that he's bigger he just sits on my lap. I recommend just cheap pillows from anywhere that are on the stiffer side. Another thing I hear works fantastic(ally?) is those really long pillows for day beds because they can be used as baby supports when he's sitting up or for tummy time and eventually will make a good pillow for the toddler bed.

A position that needs no pillow for nursing is laying on your side and having baby face you on his side. LEARN THIS! It makes midnight feedings SO much easier and even better if you co-sleep (another blog)


Suggestions would be nice, some days I have no clue what to write...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Counting Sheep

Everyone says that finding a routine makes bedtime easier...yes easIER not easy...keep that in mind. I was driving myself mad trying to come up with a way to get Bear to sleep (in his crib not my arms) when I needed him to, so that in the evening I could get things done-AKA sit here and blog. I avoided making a routine because, well let's face it, I didn't want to add more things to my daily to-do.

Here is my 'Sure-to-get-some-Zs' night time routine:
7:15-7:30pm Tummy-Time. Or whatever type of play time you do with your little one, just make sure it's interaction between the two of you.
7:30-7:45pm Bath Time! I bathe him with soap every other day and on the off days I just hold him and let him float in the water and wash his neck with a washcloth (nobody likes neck-cheese)
7:45-8:15pm Snack. I breast feed near his crib and leave only the night light on.
8:15-8:30pm Cuddle Time. I hold him until he's drowsy, if he's having trouble getting drowsy I read or sing to him. Key is leaving the lights dim. I usually play some kind of soft music as well.
8:30-I place him in the crib but stay in the room and slowly walk out so I am sure he's asleep.

On days when he's fussy but not screaming I'll let him fuss in his crib for a moment before going back and holding him. He'll usually just go to sleep since he's dressed in his sleeper and he has a full tummy.

Some babies don't like baths so try listening to soft music together. Bear really loves Native flute music-I don't know why but it makes him sleep almost instantly. Once the lights are out only whisper and keep your voice soft.

If all goes well I can leave the room and get some stuff done! Yippee! Pile of bills, here I come!