Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Whose Binky is Whose?

Pacifier, Binky, Sucker...whatever you want to call it. My favorite is the Soothie (those big round teal ones that they give in hospitals) But the only problem is so many babies have them!! I was at a friends house recently and we had to remember exactly where I put Bear's sucker and where she put Adrian's sucker. Anyways it got confusing. I wished there was a more attractive way to tell them apart besides sharpie (ick) and while camping this past weekend I had an idea-amazing I know.
GimpyBinky!!! (I am planning on patenting this so don't steal it please) a product by PlusPeace Baby (that's me) It's multi-purpose my other issue with these pacifiers is they only have a little tab to hold onto and they constantly slip out of Bear's mouth and onto the floor. So I took some red and blue Gimp and cut off the little tab and made a lanyard attached to the binky! I love it and Bear loves it.
He can hold onto it, he can put both ends in his mouth, it easily stays in my jeans pocke without having to put the sucking end in (dirty) and it washes the same as before. It will also a teething toy when he starts to get his teeth in! This thing is fantastic. I'm all about saving money but I will be selling these ($6.00 + shipping) and I found the soothies at target in 3 different colors (pink, blue and green)
It's just so cute and practical-works well for Moby wrap moms if you've also had problems getting a pacifier in there with baby.
Here it is!


(if you want one, e-mail me

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