Sunday, March 25, 2012

Easy-peasy Breakfast Little Hands Can Make

This was inspired by Garlic Monkey Bread and normal monkey bread but it's SO easy that Bear did most of the work...and the best part? I only paid .45 for breakfast!

You will need:
1/2 stick butter
canned dinner rolls/biscuits (I got Hannaford brand. 10 rolls for .45)
muffin tin

How to:
Preheat your oven to 350. In a microwave or on stove top melt half a stick of butter. Now add 1 tablespoon cinnamon and 2 tablespoons sugar and mix.  cut or break each roll into 4 pieces and mix into cinnamon/butter/sugar. Put 4 coated bits into each muffin cup (no paper needed) and bake for 10 minutes. Now enjoy! they are easy for little hands to eat because they are small and break into bite size pieces :)


Saturday, March 24, 2012

MESS FREE Splatter Painting

So this is pretty fun, maybe not as much as flinging a brush around but, lets face it, we don't want to clean paint off the ceiling.

You will need:
A tall can - like one used for bread crumbs
3-4 small rocks or marbles
Washable paint

How to:
Cut or fold the paper to fit inside the can. put 1 nickel sized glob of each color desired. drop in rocks/marbles and put on the lid. now let your kiddo shake/wiggle/roll the can. When they are worn out dump out the marbles and take the paper out to dry.

Done! And no mess!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

$15 Easter Basket!

So Easter is around the corner and this kid doesn't have any room for new toys so we're keeping it small. I still need to get a stuffed animal (for looks) and there is also a bug net that isn't in the picture but it cost $1.50 at Target. Everything shown in the picture was $1 from either the Dollar Tree or Target :) We plan to use the same basket as last year.

Here is what we got:
"Construction auto set" 3 cars and 1 boat
Bobble Duck (solar powered)
Elmo Bag
Activity Book
Bedtime Book
Soft Book
Bouncy Ball
Growing Towel
3 lizards
1 Bug Net
1 Bug Home
1 Bug Jar (with magnifying glass)
Growing dragonfly
6 Eggs
1 Motorcycle


Mom-Ergonomics: Back Pain

Since November I have had lower back pain which I kind of figured was due to a growing toddler which often means more rolling on the floor, more hip time and lots more running around. I finally broke down and went to the chiropractor and he told me that just like at work, mom's especially, you need to have "Mom Ergonomics". After poking, pushing, cracking and some electric probing, he came to the conclusion that my back pain was from overuse and, as i thought, a growing toddler. One leg is acting shorter than the other because it is pushed up into my hip from holding Bear on one side all the time.

- You should note lift or carry anything (anyone) heavier than 4x your body weight. That means for mom's on the smaller side (110-130) lifting you toddler now is pretty close to that weight.
- Keep in mind when you are lifting, always bend your knees. Although your kid is around 25lb, if you bend at the waist and lift, the weight is closer to 100lb.
- Let your kid walk or use a stroller as much as possible. When you need to console or carry hold them either on your front and bend your knees slightly (you'll get killer calves from doing this) OR hold them on your hip and sway from knee to knee to evenly distribute the weight.
- Stretch in the morning! Getting ready for the day is important, at night the majority of your blood goes to the core to help digestions and other such things. Get the blood pumping back into the rest of your body with simple stretches or exercise.
- If you do have back pain, you should really go see a professional but heat in the morning and throughout the day in 15 minute intervals and COLD in the evening before bed. I did not know this one!

Anyone else having lower back pain from overuse? Any more tips are appreciated!


Sunday, March 4, 2012

HOW Many Months Until Bear is Two?!

What is everyone thinking about Second Birthday themes?? I am thinking of putting together some DIY Birthday Packs and would love to hear what the trends will be this year!