Sunday, March 4, 2012

HOW Many Months Until Bear is Two?!

What is everyone thinking about Second Birthday themes?? I am thinking of putting together some DIY Birthday Packs and would love to hear what the trends will be this year!



  1. I guess we're a bit old school. Last year we did Hawaiian/summer theme because I wanted it, lol. This year, Kahlan seems into Elmo. It's the only character she recognizes and she yells "Ellllmo. Ellllmo"

    So something Elmo related for decor. Still trying to decide whether to do something at the park with friends/famliy or to do something small at the house again with just family.

    It's going to be hot out and we live in the south...........

  2. ah that's cute! I wanted to do Elmo but we changed our minds and stuck with something super generic. I was hoping had free printables for an Elmo party (they do for George, Clifford and a few others) but no Elmo :( If I find anything cool and Elmo in my party searching I'll let ya know ;)