Wednesday, February 29, 2012

FREE Template! DIY Placemat!

Made these placemats from scratch and I'm proud of them! That's why I am offering them FREE to my followers and passerbys! There are two, both fairly generic, butterflies and flowers or trucks and cars. 

To upload click which one you would like:

They are 8.5 x 11 and can be printed on any color home printer. I happen to have a lamination machine at work but if you don't have one it's likely that someone you know will.

Let me know your feedback!


  1. neat idea! How are they holding up to wear and tear and washing?

    1. hasn't been bad actually i have a larger one that is butterflies and we've had it for 3 weeks and i just take a sponge and soap to it and its fine. he's tried ripping it and squishing but it always seems to go back to flat.

      I used 3 mil laminate on that one and these new ones are 5 mil so they should hold up even better. WHats nice is when they do get destroyed, I've paid next to nothing for them and can make new ones :)