Monday, February 27, 2012

Old MegaBloks

We FINALLY had Christmas with the in-laws last weekend and they got Bear lots of duplos which he loves! It seems he has outgrown the Megabloks that we got him just two months ago on Christmas. We had made a little chair for his stuffed frog, Ribbit, out of Megabloks a few weeks ago that he ended up sitting on himself.

We decided to make a chair large enough for Bear to sit in and glue it all together since we have no more use for the Megabloks and they were destined for the yard sale bucket anyways. It came out really cute, we even had enough to make a foot stool :)

We still need to glue it all together but I thought I would share the idea since it came out pretty neat and Bear really likes sitting in it - just the right height!

I am putting together some Party Templates to share, since Birthday time will be here before we know it!!


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