Thursday, February 9, 2012

Indoor Energy Releases

Long days indoor due to weather can be daunting. I've come up with a few indoor games for little tots
that require lots of moving around!

Indoor Soccer – I know this sounds like broken glass and rug burnt knees but hear me out. We got a
plush soccer ball at the dollar store which also comes in foam. The one Bear picked out is actually from
the pet section but honestly, who cares? We don’t have lots of space so I moved the coffee table to the
side and the objective is just to get the ball under the coffee table using only your feet. Make sure you
play too or else it is no fun!

Cardio Dance Party – Put on a fast paced kids CD or maybe PBS Kids’
Dance party game, which lets you choose 24 dance moves to play in sequence. There is also a bunch
available on YouTube, like the Fresh Beat Band.

Tickle Tag - Exactly what it sounds like, running around the house and when you are tagged everyone joins in for a good ticklin'! Laughing is so much fun and it's great to let your kids hear you laugh often :)

Pots N' Pans Band - You should play too. It's loud but so, so much fun. Grab two or 3 pots and lids and some wooden spoons, whisks and plastic forks and experiments with the different sounds you and your little musician can make.

Remember to have fun!!!


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