Friday, February 10, 2012

Accordion Valentines

Yay! I love Valentines Day! I have so many people I love and enjoy every day of the year so why not pick a day to give everyone a hand made present? I was browsing looking at kids crafts and she makes old cardboard jewelry boxes into children's keepsakes. I made a spin-off of these as Valentines Day cards.

The Part Your Can Do:

Measure the inside bottom of the jewelry box and cut a long strip of cardstock. Accordion fold so it fits into the box completely. I made mine just in the lid and tied a bow instead of putting it directly in the box. You can also do this my way and put chocolate in the larger half of the box (present and card all in one). Cut out shapes out of tissue paper for your kids to glue on, you can also do finger painting, drawing or put pictures on each of the panels. I used modge podge to glue in the tissue paper letters and shapes which is easy to work with and washes off of fingers better than elmers. 

The Part the Kid Can Do:
Decorate! I made the one above but we will be doing these again with markers and crayons and paint so Bear can make some too. 

You Again:
Once the insides are decorated and dry, glue the first fold into the bottom or top of the box and fold it up! 



  1. Cute idea! Stay tuned for our Valentine Day card.

    1. I've been visiting daily in anticipation of your card :)