Sunday, February 19, 2012

I'm Feeling Springy

It's been warmer here in Maine than most Februarys, and I like it! Still not warm enough to spend hours at a time outside but we've been finding chances to jump out for a bit. Yesterday we walked with Bear's little toy wagon to Tandoor to pick up takeout and he had fun towing the food back to our apartment. :)

I made our apartment a little more springy with some of these butterflies that later on Bear enjoyed. I like them because it's hard for a toddler to ruin them - he even ripped and squished one and you cant even tell! The original directions for these say to cut them after you make them but that was kinda hard so I made a template and cut them before making them.

You Will Need: 

Colorful Newspaper Adds - Fashion Magazines have some of the most vibrant
String, ribbon or thread

Use the general shape below as a template for the butterflies. Trace your template onto the magazine adds and cut out.

After they are all cut out, accordion fold about 1/3 inch thick.

Squeeze in the middle and tie. Ribbon looks nice because when you tie it, it looks like there are antlers on your butterflies.


As an afterthought I thought these would make nice party decorations since they are so easy and quick :)


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