Wednesday, February 29, 2012

FREE Template! DIY Placemat!

Made these placemats from scratch and I'm proud of them! That's why I am offering them FREE to my followers and passerbys! There are two, both fairly generic, butterflies and flowers or trucks and cars. 

To upload click which one you would like:

They are 8.5 x 11 and can be printed on any color home printer. I happen to have a lamination machine at work but if you don't have one it's likely that someone you know will.

Let me know your feedback!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Old MegaBloks

We FINALLY had Christmas with the in-laws last weekend and they got Bear lots of duplos which he loves! It seems he has outgrown the Megabloks that we got him just two months ago on Christmas. We had made a little chair for his stuffed frog, Ribbit, out of Megabloks a few weeks ago that he ended up sitting on himself.

We decided to make a chair large enough for Bear to sit in and glue it all together since we have no more use for the Megabloks and they were destined for the yard sale bucket anyways. It came out really cute, we even had enough to make a foot stool :)

We still need to glue it all together but I thought I would share the idea since it came out pretty neat and Bear really likes sitting in it - just the right height!

I am putting together some Party Templates to share, since Birthday time will be here before we know it!!


Sunday, February 19, 2012

I'm Feeling Springy

It's been warmer here in Maine than most Februarys, and I like it! Still not warm enough to spend hours at a time outside but we've been finding chances to jump out for a bit. Yesterday we walked with Bear's little toy wagon to Tandoor to pick up takeout and he had fun towing the food back to our apartment. :)

I made our apartment a little more springy with some of these butterflies that later on Bear enjoyed. I like them because it's hard for a toddler to ruin them - he even ripped and squished one and you cant even tell! The original directions for these say to cut them after you make them but that was kinda hard so I made a template and cut them before making them.

You Will Need: 

Colorful Newspaper Adds - Fashion Magazines have some of the most vibrant
String, ribbon or thread

Use the general shape below as a template for the butterflies. Trace your template onto the magazine adds and cut out.

After they are all cut out, accordion fold about 1/3 inch thick.

Squeeze in the middle and tie. Ribbon looks nice because when you tie it, it looks like there are antlers on your butterflies.


As an afterthought I thought these would make nice party decorations since they are so easy and quick :)


Friday, February 10, 2012

Accordion Valentines

Yay! I love Valentines Day! I have so many people I love and enjoy every day of the year so why not pick a day to give everyone a hand made present? I was browsing looking at kids crafts and she makes old cardboard jewelry boxes into children's keepsakes. I made a spin-off of these as Valentines Day cards.

The Part Your Can Do:

Measure the inside bottom of the jewelry box and cut a long strip of cardstock. Accordion fold so it fits into the box completely. I made mine just in the lid and tied a bow instead of putting it directly in the box. You can also do this my way and put chocolate in the larger half of the box (present and card all in one). Cut out shapes out of tissue paper for your kids to glue on, you can also do finger painting, drawing or put pictures on each of the panels. I used modge podge to glue in the tissue paper letters and shapes which is easy to work with and washes off of fingers better than elmers. 

The Part the Kid Can Do:
Decorate! I made the one above but we will be doing these again with markers and crayons and paint so Bear can make some too. 

You Again:
Once the insides are decorated and dry, glue the first fold into the bottom or top of the box and fold it up! 


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Indoor Energy Releases

Long days indoor due to weather can be daunting. I've come up with a few indoor games for little tots
that require lots of moving around!

Indoor Soccer – I know this sounds like broken glass and rug burnt knees but hear me out. We got a
plush soccer ball at the dollar store which also comes in foam. The one Bear picked out is actually from
the pet section but honestly, who cares? We don’t have lots of space so I moved the coffee table to the
side and the objective is just to get the ball under the coffee table using only your feet. Make sure you
play too or else it is no fun!

Cardio Dance Party – Put on a fast paced kids CD or maybe PBS Kids’
Dance party game, which lets you choose 24 dance moves to play in sequence. There is also a bunch
available on YouTube, like the Fresh Beat Band.

Tickle Tag - Exactly what it sounds like, running around the house and when you are tagged everyone joins in for a good ticklin'! Laughing is so much fun and it's great to let your kids hear you laugh often :)

Pots N' Pans Band - You should play too. It's loud but so, so much fun. Grab two or 3 pots and lids and some wooden spoons, whisks and plastic forks and experiments with the different sounds you and your little musician can make.

Remember to have fun!!!