Thursday, January 19, 2012

DIY Little Golden Books

Around the Holidays I bought a "Make Your Own Little Golden Book" my thought was that it had a story inside and you just color it in or write the text since I couldn't tell by the way it was packaged. It ended up being a completely blank book with nothing in it but the gold binding that came with Thomas stickers, 4 crayons, 4 markers and a set of train stencils.

We took a "mini" vacation last weekend at Coco Key indoor water resort in Boston, MA. We went in the pool, played wac-a-hippo at the arcade and spent lots of time in the car. When we got home Bear sat on the floor and stuck all the stickers on the cover of the Golden Book and I had an idea!

I let Bear decorate the cover and draw scribbles on the inside and I am going to paste pictures, paper bracelets and rickets from our trip inside. The books are short enough to make into a little "vacation memoir" without being overwhelmingly large/long!

I am going to go back to the Christmas Tree Shop to buy more (i think it was 1.99 each) and bring one on each little vacation so we have a set of family little golden books :)


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