Sunday, January 8, 2012

Yikes! Too Long!

I haven't had internet for a bit and was recently in a fender bender and trying to deal with that BUT I am back for business! Yay!

Now that the Holidays are gone I am looking forward to things settling back to normalcy and re-training Bear with some new routines. We have all had ZERO sleep since Christmas and it's horrible. The little dude refuses to sleep before 9PM and insists on waking up at least 4 times.

I am trying to get us into an earlier routine (eating at six instead of 7:30 and bath by 6:45 and bed/ story time by 7:15) but the first night didn't go well. We were on schedule until bedtime he laid there for 10 mins then came downstairs then went back up at 8 and came back down at 830 then back up at 845 and finally asleep after that!

Maybe some persistence on my part will help? Anyone else having sleep issues again??



  1. Night time isn't as rough as nap time but we just put him in his bed and close the door. We did a baby gate at first but our cats were going in there and waking him up so we had to shut it. Has worked great in my house!

  2. We had the same problem because of the holidays, but it also turns out that 18 months is notorious for poor sleeping. There are tons of posts about regression at that age. It seems like it is getting a little better, but we also realized it was probably time to let Kahlan stay up a little later too. We had been putting her down at 630 as when she was an infant. Now bed time is 730.