Sunday, March 18, 2012

$15 Easter Basket!

So Easter is around the corner and this kid doesn't have any room for new toys so we're keeping it small. I still need to get a stuffed animal (for looks) and there is also a bug net that isn't in the picture but it cost $1.50 at Target. Everything shown in the picture was $1 from either the Dollar Tree or Target :) We plan to use the same basket as last year.

Here is what we got:
"Construction auto set" 3 cars and 1 boat
Bobble Duck (solar powered)
Elmo Bag
Activity Book
Bedtime Book
Soft Book
Bouncy Ball
Growing Towel
3 lizards
1 Bug Net
1 Bug Home
1 Bug Jar (with magnifying glass)
Growing dragonfly
6 Eggs
1 Motorcycle



  1. Where did you get the Elmo bag?

    Kahlan needs nothing. No books. No bags, really. Nothing. But I feel the need to put something in her basket (she has two! both from family last year)

  2. I got all of the Elmo stuff at Target. In the dollar section by the door everything is Dora and Elmo right now. Our kitten ripped a hole in the Elmo bag though so i have to go get another one :(. Does Kahlan like to cook? Get her a muffin tin , an apron and a premixed muffin mix bag and you can cook together! Bear likes to help cook breakfast.