Monday, August 30, 2010

Important Things Now for Later

So I am a first time mom but I have developed theories on things I can do now to better the relationship with my son later. Who knows if these will really work, but it's worth a shot right? Plus there is no RIGHT way to do any of this nor do these little kiddos come with manuals. So I shall share...

I think it's hard for some people to know what to do to bond with their children, especially today in a world filled with TV's, video games, computers, iphones, nannycams, get the point. It's so easy to use precious bonding time doing other things. Some ways I like to bond with my my son
-While feeding. I admit sometimes I slip and I start texting or blogging while feeding him BUT I have been trying not to. Instead of plopping myself in front of the tv I've been going in my bedroom to nurse or dimming the lights in the nursery or room im on. I try to make eye contact with him and hold him close. He needs to learn now that later on feeding time is not play time. If I am bottle feeding this is especially important, I want him to know that even though I'm not nursing, I'm still there taking care of him.
-Play time. Some babies hate play time, they barely stop crying to enjoy a moment with mom (thank god) Bear is not one of those babies. My heart goes out to mothers with constantly cranky little ones. Instead of putting your baby on a playmat and calling it good, lay down next to him. Name the objects around and point. Bear loves watching me do the dishes, I tell him what I'm washing as I put it away and he just looks up all smiley. Make faces any chance you get (suck in your cheeks and make a fish face or smile so all your teeth show)

Talk to your Baby!
Talking to your baby is so so important. Not just so he learns to speak and socialize but the more they hear your voice the more they know WHO to listen to. I am sure you all agree you want your kids listening to you not Ben10 or Hannah Monatana! Familiar voices will tell them who they can trust and turn to. Never yell at your baby, they are learning and it's all about trust in my book. If they trust you, it will stick (at least until they are teens)

Developing good hygiene now will help get a routine going for when your baby is old enough to catch on that being clean is a good thing. If you set aside time asap then setting time aside later will be no biggy. Change your baby as soon as he's dirty, bathe your baby daily or every other day and most of all smile and talk in an upbeat way when doing all these things, that way they are not interpreted as a hastle but more something fun and exciting. I think clean is fun!

If you like to travel then don't fear traveling with baby. Yes sometimes there will be outbreaks of tears in public and car rides full of screams but a portable baby now has a better chance of a portable toddler later. If they are used to grocery stores and public settings I believe they are less likely to throw a fit because they 'want' something in a store later. The grocery store is a GREAT place for a baby, when they can sit up start showing and naming everything you put in the cart. All the colors and shapes can be very fascinating!

Well that touched on a few things. Bed time!


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