Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mr. Yarn!

I went out to breakfast with family today and I had quite a fussy baby and no toys. I used his fleece hat as a hand puppet and voila! A smiley baby! SOOO I went home and made "Mr. Yarn" Who will now travel in the diaper bag.
Very easy to make all you need is:
-Needle and any color thread
-Piece of old t-shirt or piece of scrap fabric about 12" x 10"
-Two buttons
-10 3" strands of any color yarn

Fold fabric in half so the outside is facing in. Sew along the long edge and knot. Sew the top and pull tight to make it bunch up and tie tight. Turn right side out and put your hand inside and hold the "bunchy" part in your hand to make the mouth. Sew the buttons as eyes-about either side of the center of your middle finger (if that makes sense) Lay your 10 piece of yarn and tie very tightly at the center then put above the eyes and stitch to puppet to make hair.
If you're not any good at sewing use a tube sock and skip the first few steps.

What I love about puppets is they can be happy, sad, playful or silly by only changing your voice and it's expression. SO easy and SO entertaining for our growing little ones. Mr Yarn got his name because Bear pulled out one of his hairs and the puppet kept "eating" it and spitting it back out to make Bear laugh. It was a blast!


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