Monday, November 15, 2010

Dinner for Two.

So I think a romantic evening for you and your significant other is in order and (most likely) long over due. I've asked my favorite blogging cook, Kelsey Jeanne, to do a week of "dinner for two" She is so great and even included a shopping list in the start (for all the weekly shoppers) so that you'll have everything you'll need.
So after feeding the little one and putting him to bed cook something nice for your honey.
Here's her intro to the day 1:

"For the Sandwiches, we're going to do a Foreman grill panini, with ham, Swiss, sprouts and spicy brown mustard. then a vegetable minestrone soup (tomato basil works really well too) and a mixed greens salad with celery, carrots, tomato and cucumber.
( I am going to put a shopping list in each post, and then the cooking directions, so that if your a once a week shopper you can just combined them all or you can just run out to the store after reading)"

The link for the recipe and for a new one every day this week go to
She also goes over tips for cooking for two like, Pre Freeze, Post Freeze, Unfrozen Leftovers and Only Cooking what You'll Eat. Good tips for busy parents!


PS Wearing something sexy optional. ;)

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