Friday, November 19, 2010

Crusty Baby

I was totally grossed out by the thick flaky ew on top of my son's head. I know there are way more disgusting things ahead but this is worse than thin flaky dandruff-Cradle Cap. There is nothing wrong with cradle cap other than it's unattractive and looks dirty (kinda like your baby's head is covered in bumpy yellow wax) So it's a common thing and I researched a few ways to make it go away. The trusted google says to rub petroleum jelly or mineral oil on it-I disagree.
I used baby oil (I guess kinda like mineral oil, but smells like babies) I put a generous amount of baby oil on my hands and massaged it into Bear's hair (use your nails-the stuff is thick) I pulled his onesie up over his head and twisted it (like a 'nun' hat...I did that when I was little) then I put a changing pad or towel underneath him in his crib and let him sleep for his nap (about 30 mins) then I stuck him in the tub, washed his hair thoroughly twice and dried him off.
Just a warning your baby's hair will be greasy until after the next bath time when it will be super-soft! If the 'nun hat' irritates your little one try an infant hat that is washable instead. 15-30 minutes should be fine for letting it sit in his hair and you should do this once a week or until it stops coming back.


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