Sunday, December 19, 2010

Baby it's cold outside!

A fellow June mommy, daisy00117, from WTE posted an excellent idea! Using a rice bag to keep baby warm in his car seat or stroller! If you don't have one here's how to make one-a rice bag not a baby...silly...

You will need:
8"x16" Scrap Fabric
9"x20" Flannel Fabric
3 Plastic Buttons
Freezer bag-sandwich size
Whole Kernel Corn-better than rice-can be found at bird food stores or hunting stores

Fold 8x16 fabric in half to make 8x8 sew two and a half sides leaving an opening big enough to add corn. Sift through corn and pick out any twigs or the occasional bug. Turn right side out and fill bag loosely with corn-too full wont work as well you should be able to shake it. Sew up last hole.
Place bag on top of paper towel and microwave for 2 minutes and let cool for 2 hours. This helps sterilize and dry out the corn.
Place bag in a plastic ziploc freezer bag.
To make the cover take your flannel and fold a little less than half so you'll have 9x9 with 2" flap. sew sides (inside out) and turn right side out-so now you have a little pillow case looking thing with a flap. Sew buttons on pocket and make button holes on flap. If you are not a pro at sewing buttons securely use velcro instead. You do NOT want loose buttons that your baby can pull off.

To use:
Put corn bag in microwave for two minutes. Put inside flannel cover and button close. Place on baby's lap. Make sure it's not too hot. If you are worried you might burn baby then add a temperature strip they sell at babiesrus for bath tubs and stick on outside.



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