Friday, March 15, 2013

Boys & Their Cars

Bear had the pleasure of joining me at work today!  Luckily Fridays are fairly slow but we made the best of what we had and wanted to share with you!

We all know that little boys (and girls) love cars around age 2-4.  Whats not to love?  Toy cars come in every shape, color and size and can be purchased SUPER cheap (check out Dollar Tree or BJ's has a tube of 70 HotWheels for a mere $19).  What's even better about toy cars is that they trigger imagination!

Check out this "super fast zoomer tunnel"  AKA old cardboard roll of sorts taped to a tissue box...

It was fun to see what cars fit in the tunnel and which did not and why.  For example he has a semi truck that fit but was too long to come out the bottom and the jeep was too big to fit inside at all.  The matchbox car went a lot faster and farther than the plastic tonka trucks.  See - we learn while we play!

Then we made this magnificent garage out of a case of tissue boxes and also another tunnel out of Bear...

Some other great ideas not pictured:

Post-it note race track - line up all the post-its on the floor like a chain and race down the center.  Make it curvy, straight, loopy etc.  Best part is you can break it and move it around.

Masking tape parking center/town - as pictured in my blog post: Washi Tape?

Tape Tunnel - we had a leftover box - decent size - it was a case of Girl Scout cookies (yes i ordered a case) and I folded in all 4 flaps and cut a U shape into the center of one of the sides and another parallel.  I taped the inside of the U's to make a tape tunnel so cars would not get stuck inside when it was flipped over.  Bed 2 minute project!  I decided to take a picture of that as it sounds confusing...

We will have to try this paper towel tube car track as pictured here this website is clearly not the original and is in Chinese (sorry) but the picture is explanatory.

Do you have any easy match-box car activities?



  1. That is a lot of tissue boxes! I like the ramp idea. I will have to save mine from the recycling pile next time.

  2. They were at my office - we never have tissues at home