Thursday, March 14, 2013

Reward Tokens

I try to keep telling myself this is all about baby steps.  Tackle one small thing at a time and work up to the one big issue.  I have started with nap, then plan to work up to bedtime, then finally the night time sippy cup!

Bear is not a big rewards kid. Bribing? Useless. Taking away his most prized possessions? Useless.

I bought over sized glass pebbles at the dollar store - I can't even remember why and some "way to go" teacher stickers.  I read over at about a rewards jar with marbles, every time the child does something helpful, completes a chore, follows directions, etc...they can add a pebble to the jar.  Once the jar is full they get to pick a fun activity.

Since Bear is only two I chose one thing to focus on - sleep.  Also, marbles are boring and expensive so I decided to go with the glass pebbles with round stickers stuck on the bottom.  We are keeping them in a salsa jar marked with two lines.  One half way, the he feels like he is making progress, at which point we will go to the playground for our fun activity.  Then there is a line at the top, the grand prize, if you will.  When he reaches that we are going on a train ride to Boston.  The poor kid has been talking about this "train ride to trot trot Boston" ever since he learned of the train over a year ago!

The how to:
Hit up the dollar tree - over sized glass pebbled (white), Mr Potato Head teacher stickers (or round stickers that come large and small, glass jar & a sharpie - Total price $2.10 (tax)

Take a larger round sticker and a small one place them sticky side together.  This way you will see a sticker through the top bubbled out side and on the bottom of each.  Now stick the sticky part to the flat side of the pebbles - DONE! Now do it 30 times.

Determine how many you want to be the "half way" mark and toss them in the jar and draw a line with sharpie all the way around.  Now fill to where you want your top line to be.  We chose 12 to be half way and 24 to be the top.  I decorated each line with some small sticker for curb appeal.

He has 6 tokens in there from napping in his own bed.  He is proud but not excited enough to sleep in  his own bed at night for extra tokens yet.  I will keep updating on this since I am determined to stick with it!


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