Thursday, March 21, 2013

Citrus Lane - March Box Review

As I have previously stated - I am way more than happy with Citrus Lane!  I had to cancel for one month and it was very easy to turn off and then right back on.  Our boxes always arrive 3 days after they ship and the products are well worth it!  The monthly box is $25.00.

"I like to think of our monthly boxes as care packages to help moms and dads on their parenting journeys. Every product we include has been recommended and reviewed by our advisory board and our community. No marketing gimmicks, no paid placements -- just real recommendations from real parents for products that solve real problems."

I have been using these boxes as gifts for special occasions.  Pieces of the first three boxes were used as Christmas gifts and the below box is for Easter!

March Box:

Slumber Friends Plush Pillow (Cloud B) - This guy is cute - Bear will LOVE it.  It is a plush lamby pillow with a removable lavender pack inside for a good nights/naps rest.  It also has a strap that makes it more into a stuffed animal shape as opposed to a pillow.  ($21.95 retail)

On the Road Pouch Puzzle (Mudpuppy) - Nice sturdy puzzle with large pieces good for an easily-frustrated two year old! Comes in a nice zipper pouch so the pieces stay together. ($9.99 retail)

Jungle Tattoos 12 Pack (Wee Gallery) - Who doesn't love tattoos?? ($5.00 retail)

Banana Apple Pouch (Peter Rabbit Organics) - This is my least favorite thing - they throw them in there every few months.  Bear doesn't eat them so I give them away to a youngster who will enjoy :) ($1.50 retail)

$20 OFF (JustFab) - They always include a gift for mom which I am all for.  Sometimes it's a lotion or candy.  I am not thrilled with the ones like this where you have to spend money to redeem it but some of the shoes on the site are worth it so this one is a better one :)

Try it out for only $15.00 for the first month (cancel online anytime) with my link: HERE

This is a great box for parents who want to spend a little at a time as opposed to a lot at once.  On the ones I let Bear have right away, his face was priceless!  It's great to try out new, organic and made in the US toys since, although I love these toys, they are often out of my price range and items I would not normally purchase on my own.  I am really big on surprises too.  I also recommend this as a gift :)


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