Monday, March 11, 2013


About a week ago I posted a Weekend Deal for a Dr Seuss book membership package.  We received it today and I am quite pleased! We got 5 hard cover books, a book on CD and a backpack - I do admit the backpack is cheap but - it was free.

I got this deal for $10.49 including shipping from EarlyMoments  After I purchased the deal my mom warned me that these things are traps and they cycle it so they send you books that you now owe immediately after you cancel.  I got the package today, cancelled online (very easily I might add) and now it's done.  I highly recommend this and if you can afford to keep it going then more power to ya!

Check it out (ignore my dirty kitchen flood please)...

I plan to put this loot in the Easter basket along with this month's CitrusLane package :)



  1. Sweet deal! I'm not a big fan of candy for toddlers, so Kahlan is getting a pair of cute Dora shoes in her basket.

    1. Awesome! We have fruit snacks from Trader Joes that are going in the eggs..and temporary tattoos, because who doesn't love tattoos? :)