Sunday, March 24, 2013

Kid Craft - Craft Stick Planes

I have been trying to find craft sticks and clothes pins for over a month.  I tried the dollar store and the craft store wanted a rediculous amount of money for junk wood pieces so I put this project on the back burner...

Well the hubs and I went away this weekend (yes just the two of us) if you are in New England, I highly recommend a romantic weekend away at the Golden Apple Inn in Glen, NH (near North Conway).  We have never stayed in a suite before so this was a real treat.  Jacuzzi, king size bed and fireplace IN the room - bliss.

I digress, we went out to Walmart (yes we went to walmart on our mini vacation) and I found Craft Sticks and Clothes Pins SUPER cheap!  When we got home today I figured Bear and I would do some coloring and we decided to color on the craft sticks with crayons which was fun but then he noticed the clothes pins on the table and wanted to play with those too.  I gave him a few only to turn around and find he's made airplanes all on his own!!  I didn't even mention it to him yet (genius) and I like his version better.  Way more two year old friendly and NO glue-mess.

You will need:
No skill for this one, just let your two year old do the work!
Small Craft Sticks (walmart)
Clothes Pins (walmart)
Two year old

We started by coloring on the craft sticks and then the clothes pins.  You have unlimited options but we made both airplanes and dragonflies.  

For dragon flies take two craft sticks, cris-cross and pinch with the pin.  Draw eyes on the pin.

For airplanes just pinch one craft stick in the middle with the pin.

Now flyyyyyy!!! After we were done we pinched the pins around the edge of a jar and put the sticks inside - easiest clean-up EVER!  For a dragonfly add-on we put nerf darts on the ends of our dragonsflies wings and tail.


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