Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cleanup - Everybody do your share!

Where have the weeks gone? It’s almost fall and Portlanders (Portlandites?) are starting to fall back into the cracks and disappear for the winter. I don’t know about all of you Mommies but this year has been so rainy! Bear is learning how to listen to directions and I thought I’d share some fun cleanup ideas that have helped all of us learn to keep the house tidy!
Remember your little one is ALWAYS watching you, they look to you to learn what to do, sadly I have learned this the hard way. Bear started “texting” on my cell phone the other day and recycled my car keys. When you make a mess, make sure you clean it up, it also helps to say what things are and where they go. Here are a few cleanup times that baby can help with!
Groceries: When we go grocery shopping, Bear always helps fill the cart and put the groceries away when we get home. He’s getting good. He knows that we keep the canned goods in a bag next to recycling (we have very limited shelf space) and he knows where the paper towels and bottled tea goes too. He’s even learned that some things go in the fridge!
Mail: We keep our mail on a low shelf that Bear can sort of reach. Most paper ends up in his mouth but he’s learned that when he pulls the mail off, he brings it to us and then we say “go put it back” and he gets right on it, slides it right back where it belongs!
Toys: This one is HUGE – it’s so easy to put the baby to bed and throw all the toys in the bin yourself. Take 10 minutes before bed time and cleanup together. Say “where do the blocks go?” and you take 3 and give him 1 and both drop them where they go. After a while he will learn what goes where and you can sit back.
Recycling and Trash: this is a good one. Bear hasn’t quite gotten what exactly is trash and what is recycling but if I hand him something and say “please put this in the trash” he’s right on it!
It helps to clap and say yay when he gets it right. He smiles and feels good about helping. That’s what I like to see J
More later today on a new topic!

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