Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Special - Dinosaur Eggs

Hello Mommies!

Life has been busy but I foresee a calm period from here on - hooray! The other morning we decided to make our breakfast into a quick Easter project before mommy ran off to work, Dinosaur Easter Eggs.
Super simple and very fun to eat - we made two colors and saved the others for later. These can also be made into "deviled eggs" which would be pretty cool. 

What you need:
Eggs - white or brown and your choice on how many
Baggies - one for each color you intend to use, you could use a bowl but for easy cleanup we used bags.
Food Coloring

put you eggs in the pot and bring to a boil. Boil for 9 minutes - i find this is the magic number for hard boiled eggs on an electric stovetop. Once the eggs are finished run cool water over them so they can be easily handled. Now lightly crack the eggs on the counter or hard surface. You want them cracked all over but not so much so the shell falls off. 

In your baggies put 3 tablespoons cool water and 10 drops of food dye. Drop in one egg at a time and shake until coated. Set back into the container to get the excess dye off (or rinse them). Now peel and enjoy!!

Pretty neat, huh?


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