Thursday, August 16, 2012

Silly Things My Kid Says: FREE Printable

I've seen little books made of quotes from small kids. As Bear get's more verbal and is starting to make complete sentences, I decided I want to start making a book myself.

This morning while I am getting dressed and Bear is stealing my clothes:
Bear (bra in hand)
Me: Bear I need that please
Bear: No I need it!
Me: But Bear, you don't have boobies.
Bear: Yes I do. See? (lifts up shirt)
Me: But Mommy has bigger boobies.
Bear: Me too. See? (pointing at nipples)

ahhh - so priceless!

Well anyways, I have made these to share:

You can download them HERE!

You can punch a hole in the corner and keep them together with a binder ring :)



  1. Cute idea! K told me the other day that she was a boy. And that "Mommy, you're heavy." lol.

    1. hahah - children are funny :) Bear doesn't understand the different between excuse me and sorry so when he wants me to move he pushes me and and keeps repeating "sorry mommy" until I move!