Friday, September 28, 2012

Coloring Keepsake

I started this project for Bear

It is a coloring book with him and all of his friends and family.  I have been doing it on the Wacom tablet I use at work (since mine is not set up yet) and putting the original picture in photoshop in black and white and then tracing on another layer.  It's tedious but is coming along super.  I am hoping to have 10-15 pages done and plan to give it as a Christmas present.

I also thought this would make a really neat Birthday card.  Do a coloring picture of the birthday boy/girl on the front of the card and give a few crayons inside.

If you don't have the tools I use for the computer you can also just lay a blank sheet of paper over a blown up photograph and trace with a thin black marker.


Update 10/2/12 : I do know there is an effect in photoshop that does something similar but decided that there was too much cleanup involved since I didnt want the background, only the basic outline of the kids. If you do not have a wacom tablet and want to do this use the effect instead :)


  1. Great idea. Wacom tablets make things so much easier. I use my husbands to do my statistics homework.

  2. My husband ended up drawing some for Kahlan. I will post a copy soon.