Thursday, November 29, 2012

Stocking Stuffers under $10...

...That your kids will actually enjoy!  I keep seeing lists of stocking suffers and everything I have found is either way too young for Bear or way to generic.  Afterall nobody knows my kid better than me so why should he get socks?  I'm sorry but you get socks for someone who you are not sure what to your husband :)

This is my stocking stuffer list!

$4.95 - Picture Projector (Dinosaurs) Yup - a flashlight that makes giant dinosaurs on the wall!

$1.00-7.95 - Slinky Fun for a girl or a boy and it can either be the original slinky or one from the dollar store

$6.95 - Incog-neato Mustaches AMAZING!

$5.00 - Tattly Cute tattoos for cute kids

Sheriff Badge (Dollar store)
Various Colors of PlayDough (Dollar Store)
$5-10.00 Wikki Stix Craft stores have them and they are fun but dont poke you like pipe cleaners
Plastic Animals (Dollar or Toy Stores)

$4.95 Jacob's Ladder I loved this when I was a kid :)

$9.95 Nesting Doll Robots I got another set last year for Tim and Bear loved them
Micro-Mini Matryoshkas - Robot

$7.54 Crystal Crayons Sweet!
Kikkerland Crystal Crayons, Set of 6

$7.99 Hot Wheels 5 Pack
Hot Wheels 5 Car Gift Pack (Styles May Vary)

The of course an orange in the toe :)

What are you giving your littles for Christmas?



  1. Must. Stop. Shopping. I love the dinosaur flashlight idea. Kahlan is so into dinosaurs right now. She keeps saying "saurus. Saurus!"

    But I bought her Dora undies tonight for a stocking stuffer. So, like I said, must stop shopping!

    1. It's really REALLY hard NOT to shop near the Holidays I keep seeing things and going "gotta get that!" but then realize I have bills to pay haha