Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Potty Training...

Well, I think it's time for Bear to start using the potty...for real this time.  He took a nap at Nana's and she found him in a puddle with no pants on in bed and a clean diaper on the floor of the bathroom and pee on the potty seat.  I am SUPER proud of him for trying to use the potty all on his own but sad that I haven't even really tried to potty train.  We were doing really well for a while and then he lost interest.

I think it's best for all involved to just jump in and take the "24 hour" method head on!  And I figure just after Christmas is the PERFECT time, it's snowy so we wont be going out and we have tons of new and exciting toys to play with.  Unfortunately, stickers dont work out for Bear.  I was letting him choose one sticker after using the potty but then it would turn into a meltdown because he either wanted more or chose the "wrong" one and wanted to pick a different one.

Here is the Saturday game plan...

Mommy gets up and goes to get her morning coffee.
Daddy goes to work.
Mommy and Bear spend the day doing a bunch of activities around the house including but not limited to:
Play Cowboys
Make Cookies
Go on a treasure hunt
Painting Craft
New Movie
Pack up the ornaments
Read new books
Wikki Sticks
Special Lunch/Snack
Dance Party

I'll have to figure out the whole "prize" system since I don't think I'll be able to let him choose.  Maybe throw all the "pee" prizes in one bag and let him put his hand in and pull one out rather than letting him see what he chooses and another for "poo" prizes.

I figure we'll set a timer for 15 minutes and try to go potty every 15 minutes.  I am not supposed to put a diaper on him ever again after this so we'll see how it goes!!

Wish me luck,

Can anyone offer advice?


  1. Ok, we are still working on this but she is getting better.

    I started out with a prize bag of little toys from Target's dollar bin. I put it in a Sesame Street bag I got there. It was a big deal to get to pick out a prize. Then we evolved to stickers, but we had the same issue you did. Then Easter came, and we had a lot of empty eggs we could reuse. So we put a few m&m's in each egg, and put those in the prize bag. That worked the best, except she started to hold it for repeat trips (but maybe afterall that was good practice). Now we use big girl panties as a reward.

    Yep, been working on this for a year.

    1. we have too but on and off, he will get really interested in using the potty then have no interest for like a month but after the two days naked yesterday (third day) he wore big boy pants all day (except nap) with no accidents. I highly recommend the 100% focusing on potty method (cant really call it the weekend method since its taking longer)

      Good luck!!