Friday, August 23, 2013

The Simple Things

Lots of things going on lately from vacation to busy work days to potty training relapse.  I will, however, find a way to post the August SillyKids Box BEFORE September.  I had upload problems for about a week and when I finally got that to work my USB drive stopped working so I can't access my design files. Lame.

We took a wonderful 3 day vacation off Port Clyde, Maine at the beginning of the month to Hupper's Island.  This was the point we decided we need to find a way to work from home so we can spend every summer on an island.  If yo haven't visited a small island, I highly recommend it!

Since then we've traveled to Rhode Island for a wedding, spent a few days camping in Freedom, New Hampshire and are now looking forward to a nice quiet weekend at home.

Yesterday while driving home there was quite a bit of traffic on the highway but no obvious cause, then as I approached the worst part of it I saw a car pulled over and chuckled.  There was a mom with her son, about Bear's age, pulled off on the side for an emergency potty break.  I know this all too well!

On other news, Bear and I met with the Orthopedic surgeon last week about his trigger thumb and his surgery is scheduled for mid September to release the tendon.  It's minor procedure that takes about 15 minutes but he'll have to be put under so, naturally, I'm really nervous.  It will go fine though!

How are things with everyone out there?


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