Thursday, September 26, 2013


As a mom I naturally worry about my child's academic development.  Facebook doesn't help, mom's are constantly posting their child's achievements, and I do it too.  I decided to make a list of the things my kid is great at, yeah he can't write his name or draw a face but there are countless other things that make me proud.  This is not a brag post but a reminder to stop and enjoy what your child is and can do, not what other kids can do :)

Say his ABCs and count to 23
Successfully crack an egg without getting shells in the bowl
Check tire pressure with the pressure gauge
Use the pedals on his tricycle
Explain the exhaust system (simply) on an 18 wheeler truck
He can spell his name
Make patterns on a peg board
Put on/take off his own shirt
He knows how to love his family and friends no matter what

Of course the list could go on but these are big ones for me...what are your little ones doing to make you proud?


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