Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Adventure Days

In an effort to be a healthier more active family we have started "Adventure Days" on the weekends.  We've made it a goal to pick either Saturday or Sunday and go somewhere fun outside for at least half the day.  It's been amazing!

I spent lots of my childhood wandering around woods, riding my bike and using my imagination in the back yard and that's something that is still really important to me and I want nature to be important to Bear too. Not to mention the health benefits of the great outdoors.

The first weekend we went exploring in our neighborhood, turns out we have miles of conservation trails and a giant hill covered in daisies!  Next we went to Fort Williams in Cape Elizabeth and it was BEAUTIFUL!

Climbing on the bunkers

Learning some history as we walked through this creepy wall

Soaking up some sunshine

I've found this to be what I look forward to each weekend.  We don't have many warm months in Maine and it feels good to take advantage of it.


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