Sunday, May 22, 2011

Nifty Thrifty JUNE Giveaway!!!

OK - So I am having a giveaway for June babies only - as in babies born in June 2010! (another one will come for everyone). To qualify "follow" my blog and I will ask that every Mommy with a June baby please comment a special word on a future blog post. I am not positive what the prize will be yet but I've decided I am going to have everything made beforehand and I'll post a picture so you know what you're winning and then it will be all ready to go in the mail that day! I am thinking a first birthday shirt or onesie (custom), matching sunglasses, a "Monsterbet" - a plush creation of mine - specific to your babies name and something special for mom for making it through year one!

If anyone has thoughts or comments please let me know - more and rules coming very soon!


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