Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Baby Sack - Day Trips!

Now that the weather is getting more beautiful each day - especially for us New Englanders - it is especially important to get outside! Whether you are going for just a walk or for a whole day at the zoo you'll want a properly packed "Baby Sack"! I know through trial and error that I will and will not need certain things. This (clearly) depends on what type of mood your baby is in but here are some essentials for an all day trip with some car travel time involved. I finally went on a nice long day trip this past weekend 2 hours in the car - the rest outside in the big, beautiful, allergy filled world! (And I didn't forget anything I needed - BONUS!)

In the Baby Sack - I found a backpack works better - Include...

The Basics:
-6 Diapers
-Pack of wipes
-Extra change of clothes (dont forget socks)

Lunch & Snacks (in a small cooler/lunch box)
-Ice pack
-Lots of juice
-2 bottles of water & Formula
-2 empty bottles for later
-Snacks - Cherrios, Individual Prunes, Kix, Puffs, anything that can be eaten in the car
-Lunch - Stonybrook Farms organic yogurt tube (like gogurt but less sugar), vegetable pouch (squeezy babyfood packs), graham crackers, cheese

-A car toy is ideal - one that clips to the carseat or something, "links" work great for attaching toys to seats.
-a book
-A few small complex toys that will keep your baby occupied in the car

-Blanket to sit on if you will be outside
-Baseball or Sun Hat
-Camera + Batteries

There ya have it, shove it all into a backpack and be on your way! Traveling is not too difficult, just remember the stroller and you'll all be fine!


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