Thursday, April 21, 2011

Icky Sicky

Bear has spent the last week being sick...poor boy! Just a cold, 99.9 temp and some vomiting. Here's how we got through it...
-I determined that the vomiting was caused by the milk based formula so we switched to pedialyte and juice.
-Kept the humidifier on high during the night with Vics oil in the little spot for Vics oil.
-Used VICs baby rub on his back and chest.
-He slept in a t shirt and diaper only - that one was his choice...his newest thing is he likes being naked.
-I don't really like using Tylenol but in this case it was a lifesaver at night/naptime.
-I babied him to no end (he is a baby after all) I held him while he fell asleep, let him nap on me and pretty much sacrificed all sleep.
-I let him eat anything he wanted (recommended by the pediatrician) she advised that as long as his diapers were wet regularly that I shouldn't be too concerned about his eating.
-Warm baths with no bubbles.

It felt long and painful but we got through it! Now I'm sick =[ but I'll survive.

Here are a few good meal suggestions if your little one does end up with a bit of a cold/minor sickness:

Cherrios - for a few days that's all he would eat
Mango Pure - I get the kind in the squishy pouches so he can suck it out himself.
Pedialyte - if your baby is congested I find it's better to stay away from milk based products (but I'm no doctor) If your baby is like most and wont drink the pedialyte, try mixing it with a naturally sweet juice like apple or purple grape.

Green Bean, Rice and Corn - 3rd foods by Beech Nut
Cottage Cheese - I found this didn't make him more snotty/congested for some reason
Pedilyte/juice mix or water

Rice and Chicken Mush - I have the 'better than bullion" that comes in a jar (boullion paste with less sodium) I mixed one baby spoonful of that with 3 tbs warm water and then mixed with rice cereal - Bear loves it!
Carrot and Barley - 3rd foods by Beech Nut
Water mixed with juice
Graham Cracker for desert

In between meals keep baby hydrated and snacking is always good =]


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