Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Oh Wow!

It's official I have a mobile baby! He pulls up, crawls, climbs, etc. Some quick reminders (and things I've learned) for moving babies.

Keep the floor vacuumed.
Keep surfaces clean.
Hardwood floors = ouch! - dont leave baby alone on them.
Lower the crib (if it lowers) so your little one can't climb out.
Be advised that naps are no more when little baby can stand and jump on his bed!
Don't leave baby unattended on any raised surface.
Get a gate for the stairs. I like the one with a plastic window instead of bars or those criss-crossed fence looking ones - I can just picture pinched fingers. =[
Everything becomes a toy! Have empty baby formula cans, BPA free bottles, baby spoons/plates, anything baby can safely play with, on reachable surfaces.
When your baby gets bored with toys try the above items, build a tower and let them destroy it! Tons of fun for both of you.
Get a blanket and go hang out outside! There are lots of new adventures outside.


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