Wednesday, April 6, 2011

To Crib or Not to Crib?

I know this is a debatable topic but for the purpose of my blog (and it being mine) I will state my opinion and what I believe can work wonders and save big bucks! Mommy Confession: I COSLEEP! And I am proud of it! I couldn't afford a nice wooden crib, I had my heart set on one of the ones that turns into a toddler bed with rails and then eventually a full sized bed. Then I thought about how awesome those racecar beds are for toddlers (my dad is a carpenter and can make me one free) and then you can't really switch to the 'big boy' bed because it's the same old peice of furniture. So I didn't want to invest in something my son would only use for 1.5years and so I put an ArmsReach Co-Sleeper on my registry. I do love this but he

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